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10 Comments Point Betting Leaderboard |

This has been on my to-do list for quite some time. So I created 2 shortcodes. One will display those that have won the most points from all bets. The other will show total points bet. I’ve included it on this post so you can see it in action. You can also see it on the point leader board at the bottom. We have several bets going right now for the NFL games this weekend. Thank you Kane112 for setting those up!

Keep a eye in the sidebar right above the last 5 comments. Here we will list bets setup by the community. If you have any ideas on what else we could bet on, please let us know in this forum topic.

Most points won on bets | Top 10

[cp_points_won list=”10″]

Most points bet | Top 10

[cp_points_bet list=”10″]

  • number 3 damn it most bet and win more points

  • LOL @ the image !!
    But awww I’m not on either leaderboard 🙁

  • damn some people have some points!..I must get on that list!

  • i uhhh suck at betting =/

  • Oh, I’m going to lose so many points this way.

  • i need to bet more frequently

  • well i will be trying to keep up at least 5 bets a week. If you have any ideas on things to bet on make sure to let us know in the forum

  • Damn, you guys really enjoy betting. Not a habit I share ;p

  • Jay

    I broke almost even with my wins/losses. I don’t really want to take any chances haha

  • ha! didn’t realize i was raking in the points like i have been.