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UPDATE – CONFIRMED – Rumor: Jeff Rubenstein Leaving Sony? |

UPDATE: As was exclusively reported before by, Jeff Rubenstein has now officially left Sony.

Jeff Rubenstein, often seen in Sony PlayStation’s announcement videos, at E3 hosting the pre-show and post-show of the Sony Press Conference, and also the all around guy that showcases us upcoming games is leaving Sony?

The information comes from a reliable journalist who’s been in the industry for well over 10 years. Reasons are still unknown, however Mr. Rubenstein is expected to announce his departure sometime today, Friday November 9.

We reached out to Sony to get more information and will update you with this developing story.

Others like @TheKevinDent are also posting on twitter about it, although they are not mentioning any names.

  • Oly

    What what what!!!!!!!

  • Tosh

    If true, Sony just lost a great guy. Myself, Eddie & Oly got to meet with him for a few minutes at E3 a couple years back.

  • ah shame what a loss for sony

  • Not exactly sure who this guy is, or what he necessarily contributed to Sony or PlayStation, really.

  • I honestly don’t know who this guy is, but I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Sony is terrible at managing their employees and that is a fact proven dozens of times.