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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Welcome your First Round of Vita Content! |

Vita PS+

Well, the time has come for Sony to FINALLY unveil what PS+ for Vita will do for your Instant Gaming Collection… and Sony heard you REALLY like your Instant Gaming Collection, so they put an Instant Gaming Collection inside your Instant Gaming Collection so you can use your Instant Gaming Collection while you’re using your Instant Gaming Collection.

PS+ subscribers are getting getting SIX Vita Games for Round 1 of the Vita Instant Gaming Collection. As was the case with the PS3 Instant Gaming Collection, some Vita games will be rotated out of the selection after a certain period of time (still unspecified) but going from PS+ on PS3, it should be a month or two, and one retail and one Vita PSN game should be gone and replaced with new ones.

All of this will happen once the store updates on November 20th, so be sure you’re ready.

  • Eddie

    oh hell yea!!!! Browser update, email app, wireless back up to pc, cloud saving AND these free games!!!???!!!! F’ing love being a plusser.

    for all of those on the fence about any of these games. Uncharted is great…its no PS3 Uncharted but it still is a great great game and Mutant Blob is also amazing.

  • damn looks like thats a damn good start for Vite +

  • So… why don’t we get FFT for PS3? PS+ is getting sweeter every month and thanks to Oly I still got some months free 😀

  • Eddie

    It’s the PSP version of FFT, not the PSOne version which oddly enough the PSP version is a port of the PSOne version…. lol

  • I was excited to buy this a Vita with PLUS … FREE UNCHARTED so to have already been an awesome start.
    Here’s a Vita costs US$ 600: (
    Well we already know that the game Dungeon Defenders will be FREE in the next week on PS PLUS. Missed have another game disc in a digital version this month 🙁 on PLUS.
    Waiting for Black Friday and PSN on Apple APP STORE, or a price drop or in Thanksgiving, it would be GREAT 🙂

  • Anyone know if any of those FREE Vita games in PLUS can be play on the PS3?

  • Eddie

    You can’t play them on the PS3 but you can add them to your cart check out on the ps3 so that you can play them at anytime when you get a Vita.

  • OH WOW !
    There is so much stuff in there !
    It’s done, I’m becoming a plus member this week lol !!

  • If you guys needed an excuse to FINALLY get a PS+ sub, or for getting an extra year on top of your current one…

  • Bah just got my Vita and I bought 3 of those games. Awesome launch. So worth it.

  • Jay

    I’ll be queueing up my Vita ‘purchases’ now haha. I hope I’ll eventually have one.

  • tedrabear

    Has it been confirmed that we can collect the games ‘without’ owning a vita? I would be suprised that Sony would offer the games to thse who might one day buy one, rather boost sales before christmas by saying, buy a vita now and you can have your free games before they vanish.

  • Damn shame EU isn’t getting 2048…