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Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer 2 Revealed |

Here’s the new trailer for the highly anticipated, humongous sequel to the GTA franchise. If you remember my last article, Game Informer has ‘informed’ us of a ton of new features and a bit of the story. The first trailer was shown over a year ago, and today, we finally get a glimpse of the second one, as the Spring 2013 release looms in the not-too-distant future.

In this trailer, we get a glimpse of some of the crazy antics in the game. Planes, trains and automobiles. The action in this title looks pretty intense, from driving out of an airplane, to seeing two trains run into each other head on (in what results in a wicked wreck on a bridge). This looks like it could very well be the GTA sequel we’ve been waiting for since San Andreas released all those years ago. There’s a lot to take in on this trailer, that’s for sure.

  • This looks like everything I could ever want In a game, cannot wait to play this

  • This trailer is so much Lethal Weapon movie.
    As Sergeant Roger Murtaugh say: – HEY Riggs!!!!!
    It seems that we already know what will be the game of the year 2013

  • I am so Stoked for this game. I have played almost every GTA game out, and man my mouth is just watering till april. 4 years in the waiting since GTA IV I am like dying here.