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Free Points Saturday | Nov 17th |

Welcome to Free Points Saturday! Sorry know I forgot about this last week and this week is late but what can i say. So with American Thanksgiving coming up, its a Thanksgiving theme question. Everyone ready at their keyboards??? HERE WE GO!!!!

Who were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving?

[question answer=”Plymouth Pilgrims” option=”freepoints” limit=”10″]

Hint 1: We are talking about American Thanksgiving.
Hint 2: The answer is 2 words
Hint 3: Where did they colonize?
Hint 4: First word starts with a P. Second word starts with a P.

  • this one is frustrating

  • Bob and Susan Smith…

    This question is tough on non-Americans

  • tougher for americans cause it’s not what you think it should be

  • I’ve spent the past hour trying to dig info up on this, The koreans have a thanks giving holiday that dates back to before christ, and that doesn’t work as an answer

  • This question can be stuck where the sun doesn’t shine

  • the cave men did it

  • @eden no clue how you guessed this, tried nearly everything i could find.

  • arg.. annoying so annoying

  • Ouch, I have to agree with @hobbes, this one is HARD !

  • it’s super hard! maybe kane can supply some hints? I can assure you all that the answer isn’t anything weird like “koreans” nor extraordinarily specific like “bob smith.” the americans of the bunch presumably know the answer; the challenge, obviously, is in arranging the words properly. good luck!

  • You all KNOW the answer, you’re just not being specific hehehe.

  • Oly

    EdEN is the haxxxors..
    I’ve tried about 15 so far and still haven’t gotten it

  • Wi

  • Wiki doesn’t help much only so many ways to go about this. Is it case sensative?

  • Well that’s very questionable

  • haha he finally gets it. It not really that questionable when you think about it

  • wolfkin

    ok this is sounding very questionable.

  • well this is frustrating… i’m tired of these american history related questions…

  • Its not as hard as you think, its more about how you word it

  • Wow that took forever to get .. thanks for the points!

  • And now, most of you have found the solution to the puzzle! Hahaha.

  • haha but still 4 spots left

  • Jay

    I am gone for a few days, come back, and the FPS is still running. And then I get it on my first try.

    The final clue gave it away. The first clue strongly suggested half of the answer.

  • wolfkin

    really still going? I seriously gave up. you should see the answers I tried.. heck it it wasn’t against the rules I’d post a list of not answers. I grew up in Southern California I know a thing or two about thanksgiving and I find it very hard to believe none of the answers I tried are correct. I will be mightily relieved if it turns out my spelling is terrible… then again Jay got it.

  • wolfkin

    Eden was right. way specific

  • i want extra points since i have stumped people for a week now.

  • So I just hopped on, a week late, and this literally took me 5 seconds. I googled “First thanksgiving” and the first google result was “Plymouth Pilgrims”. >.> You all fail at google!

  • wolfkin

    pilgrims i tried in every type of combination but “plymouth pilgrims”. The pilgrims, massachusets pilgrims, new englanders, pilgrims indians, but plymouth was too spec for me to think of. not to mention that my research I couldn’t find a location citywise for first thanksgiving oddly enough. i swear that scholastic result didn’t say when i looked it up. because i went up and down that page and didn’t see the stuff in that desc.

  • I quickly got it after doing a wiki search for Pilgrims. Answer made sense right away.

  • Jay

    I didn’t need to look anything up. They landed on Plymouth Rock. Everyone in America learns that in like first grade lol. Heck, even the old Plymouth car company’s logo was of the Mayflower lol.

  • Tosh

    I was stumped until clue #4, lol.