[PS3 Review] Midway Arcade Origins

I’m not usually one to play older gen games, I mean why waste time playing an old game with so many great looking new gen games to play? That is why, when I received Midway Arcade Origins from Warner Brothers for the PS3, I assumed I wouldn’t play it more than the ten mins it took me to “check it out”. Well I was wrong, as the hidden nostalgic gamer in me appeared.

Midway Arcade Origins contains 31 Midway arcade games assembled on one disc. Joust, Defender, Gauntlet, Rampage, and Spy Hunter are just the beginning of whats included. (See below for a full list.) The main menu is pretty cool and is made up of the original arcade cabinets and their marquees, for all 31 games.

Once you decide which game to play, you then need to choose which game mode you would like to play. Free Play mode allows you to adjust some settings and tweak how the game plays. You can change the difficulty, add more lives per credit, increase the gameplay timer, and more depending on which game you’re playing. There are also endless credits in Free Play mode, allowing you to finally get all the way through Gauntlet with your friends!

The other game mode is called Score Attack. In Score Attack, you are only given one credit to get as far as you can with the default settings. This is also the only mode where Trophies can be unlocked,(see the Trophy list below).

The graphics are pretty much what you’d expect in a retro game. There’s a filter that you can apply to the graphics in order to give them a smoother, more modern look, or you can stick with “the pixel perfect, non-filtered version, which still looks great on a high definition television.”

The controls for most of the games are pretty straight forward and work really well with a few exceptions. A steering wheel might make APB easier, but I’m not sure if you can use one.

I have already spent hours playing these games alone and with my children. Having them experience the games I used to play has been quite fun. Guantlet, Gauntlet 2, and Rampage are probably my favorite games in the set, however I have spent a lot of time playing APB, Rootbeer Tapper (Wreck it Ralph anyone?), and Spyhunter. Over all, Midway Arcade Origins is well worth the $29.99 price tag in my opinion.

Here is a list of all 31 games, as well as their corresponding trophies:


Gold Medalist In Score Attack Mode, earn a Gold Medal on any event.
APB Get Freaky In Score Attack Mode, take down Freddy Freak.
Arch Rivals All-Star In Score Attack Mode, score at least 6 consecutive points.
Bubbles Clean-Up In Score Attack Mode, sweep up a big bug.
Championship Sprint True Champion In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Tournament Cyberball 2072 Great Coaching In Score Attack Mode, score at least 12 consecutive points
Defender They Need a Hero In Score Attack Mode, save 3 civilians
Gauntlet Doesn’t Need Food Badly In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 8
Gauntlet 2 Survivor In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 7
Joust Dinosaur Slayer In Score Attack Mode, defeat a Pterodactyl
Joust 2 Long Live the Bird In Score Attack Mode, reach Wave 5
Marble Madness High Roller In Score Attack Mode, defeat the beginner race within 15 seconds
Pit Fighter Ultimate Fighter In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive opponents
Rampage Monstrous In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive cities
Rampart Target Practice In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first 3 ships in the first level in one battle
Robotron: 2084 Family Man In Score Attack Mode, rescue 7 family members without losing a life
Rootbeer Tapper Tap that Glass In Score Attack Mode, serve 25 customers without dropping a glass
Satan’s Hollow Savior In Score Attack Mode, defeat Satan
Sinistar You Hunger In Score Attack Mode, defeat Sinistar
Smash TV Reality Show-Off In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first level
Spy Hunter Score Hunter In Score Attack Mode, break 10,000 points
Spy Hunter 2 Saint In Score Attack Mode, play the game for 15 consecutive minutes
Stargate Civvie Saver In Score Attack Mode, rescue 3 civilians
Super Off-Road X-Treme Off-Road In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Super Sprint Burning Rubber In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Toobin’ Ride the Wave In Score Attack Mode, complete Colorado without sinking
Total Carnage Total Warpage In Score Attack Mode, use a shortcut
Vindicators Part II On Base In Score Attack Mode, defeat your first base
Wizard of Wor Worrior In Score Attack Mode, have at least 10,000 points and 3 times your opponent’s score at the same time
Xenophobe Not Afraid In Score Attack Mode, survive the first level
Xybots Third-Person Shooter In Score Attack Mode, survive 3 levels without dying


31 Different Retro Games,
Looks Great in HD
Leader Boards
1 - 4 Player Games
Some Poor Controls
No Online Multiplayer

This review is based on a Retail PlayStation 3 version of Midway Arcade Origins provided by Warner Brothers Games.

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

  1. #1 by EdEN on November 30th, 2012 [ 222476 Points ]

    Well, look at that! Got to say I’m now intrigued by this disc as I was sure it would be just a quick cash-in, but now I see that it was given the care it needed.

    Great review!

  2. #2 by pedrolabate on November 30th, 2012 [ 39949 Points ]

    This looks pretty interesting. I’ve spent countless hours playing Gauntlet and Rampage, and countless more playing those games on the N64. I might have to pick this up eventually.

  3. #3 by cherryrasulka on January 20th, 2013 [ 50 Points ]

    This sounds like it would be fun! I always loved the old school Midway games!

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