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Playstation 4 to be Dubbed Playstation Omni? Several Rumors Have Surfaced! |

It’s that time again! Time for hardware rumors about the PS3 predecessor, new peripherals and more! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype being a gamer, going from console generation to generation. Many of us have been through many console generations (not saying how many as to not give away my old age) so we know about rumors and speculations. What to believe and what not to believe in most cases. Well I have some rumors for you that are hard to believe as they are unique and maybe even a little outlandish but let’s face it. We need outlandish in our consoles to keep them relevant in the gaming world.

Before we start. These rumors come from through someone known as Geno who has delivered a lot of information before that has been true in the past so the source is credible. You can see Nintendo, Microsoft and other developer rumors here as well.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes shall we? Also please remember these are just rumors for now.

PS4 will not be named the PS4. According to the insider rumors it will be dubbed Playstation Omni. It is currently referred to as Orbis as its code name. Playstation Omni will have many unique features and I shall start off with the most likely one first.

Gakai streaming services. With the recent acquisition of Gakai, Sony is laying down a system to support cloud based, streaming games. I think this much is a given. Rumors suggest that PSOne, PS2, some PS3 and all Playstation Omni games will be available on the Gakai service. If you purchase an Omni game, the rumor suggests you will be able to access it on any playstation approved hardware via the cloud.

The new controller is still unknown at this time. It could be another Dual Shock or a new controller completely but what is known is that it will sport a biometric feedback to the console itself. Essentially pulse sensors that will track your attention and reaction to the game.

Next up…backwards compatibility. We all have been worried that the next iteration of Playstation will not be backward compatible. The reason for this is that Cell processors have pretty much hit their stride for performance and there are cheaper and more powerful alternatives available now. To include BC, Sony would need to place both the Cell and whatever new processor they go with in the system making it an expensive beast. The alternative suggested is that the Cell will be available in USB dongle form at the cost of $99 that will allow for BC if the user really is interested in it. This helps bring down the cost of the unit as well giving us an option. The downside is that if you must have it and refuse to use your PS3 that you currently have, it’s an expensive alternative.

Now for the coup de foudre! The rumor suggest that Sony will have a headset available, bundled with the Omni that will sport a clear OLED screen that will allow for off screen HUD’s and information as well as giving every TV, 3D functionality. This will also supply head tracking capabilities as well. This opens many avenues for game play options and styles. Perhaps even combine it with a headset so that its one unique piece.

Last but not least, the price goal for the system without the OLED viewer is $350-$399 and with the viewer $450-$499 and is aiming for a September 2013 release.

So what do you think? Unique? Interested? What would you change?

  • wooot !! These are awesome news if they prove to be true !!!!
    Thanks for relaying the information ! 😀

  • That sounds like a VERY expensive console that would NOT be able to release at less than $399 (even with the Basic set) with Sony taking a $200+ hit per console. The no BC part really bugs me since I’m used to my new console purchase being compatible with the previous one (a streak the non-launch PS3 broke).

  • Oly

    I call BS till it happens 😉

  • Eddie

    Not all that expensive if they are taking the conservative route which all rumors have pointed them in doing so. They can achieve 3x more power roughly than the Wii U fairly easily on the $350 price tag with a basic system. Adding $100 for the headset isn’t far fetched either.

    The BC part is a downer and probably the reason they are leaving the Playstation numbered moniker but at least its an alternative and not impossible like many have previously thought. not much can be done about that. At the time, the Cell was the top of the line but it reached its full potential quickly so reusing it would create a sub par system.

  • Looking at that picture just makes me think of all the broken controllers that will inevitably litter my floor 😡

    Right now my plan is to just keep my PS3 until it fully burns out on me since it’s a 60gb and fully BC to PSOne, so that part doesn’t really bother me. However down the road when my faithful system finally bites the dust it’s nice to see they’re at least looking into ways to get BC into the system.

    Though it does seem like this is the last console generation I will be able to pop in an actual disc when I want to burn through one of my old FF games. That will be a bit of a sad day when they go up on the shelf for good.

  • wolfkin

    $100 isn’t too bad actually all things considered. And at least it’s there. But it better have more than two measly USB slots.

    They need to keep the name. PS4 fits their brand and they have the largest number so they’re winning. Their 3 is why the 360 isn’t called the Xbox 2.

  • Oly


  • Eddie

    The dongle may not even be USB…who knows. and its rumored to be $79-$99.

    I believe brand recognition with Playstation will help where as Playstation 4 may actually hurt it. Just my 2 cents.

    Either way, some of the more recent rumors are saying that the processor with the next xbox and Playstation will be very similar with more money and R&D going into the Xbox side. This could be due to the rumors of it being a media hub. Undoubtely needing more resources to run several things in the background while playing a game.

  • wolfkin

    yeah USB might be too slow. a custom port on the back of the system would be better.

  • hmmm i want… hopefully they do BC somehow always handy to have the option to use it or not