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[PSN Early Review] R&C: Full Frontal Assault |

Quick Summary: This game is awesome. This is definitely the most fun and addicting action game that I’ve played in 2012. I would go as far as to say that this is a contender for all time favorite tower defense, strategy, and solo platforming (haven’t tried the multiplayer features) game.

Most of the game mechanics are familiar from past R&C titles: the weapon wheel and upgrade system, bolts, grind rails, hover boots, Mr. Zurkon, etc. But they all seem to fit perfectly with this tower defense + exploration hybrid game.

A few other points:

  • The strategy game element works. You have to choose which weapons to get, which to power up, which towers/barriers to buy, where to place them, and when to stay close to your base and play defensively, when to explore, when to farm for bolts for defense, when to farm for weapon upgrades, and when to take out the enemy level objectives.
  • This is a challenging game, but the good kind of difficulty and not frustrating difficulty. I’ve been restarting levels a lot, but every time I learn the mechanics a little bit more and I am excited to try some new strategy.
  • Graphically, this game is unusually smooth: The frame rate is completely stutter-free which is uncommon for a top-tier 3D game and the Pixar-movie-style character animation system is unmatched. These aren’t really new to the R&C series, but they really make the underlying strategy game more enjoyable. I know most of the online crowd, including readers here, hate stereoscopic 3D, and I see that feature is hidden from all the promotional coverage, but wow is it amazing to experience. For the first few hours I played without this feature, but when I turned it on, I really felt like I could see and perceive lots of little detail that I couldn’t before. The stereoscopic 3D is unusually good for this title.
  • I’m tempted to give it a whirl.

  • I only played the demo. The game seems far superior to the train wreck that was All 4 One. But I still couldn’t get into it. a 3rd person TD in the mold of Orcs Must Die or Dungeon Defenders simply isn’t a (traditional) R&C title. The cut scenes are rather humorless, and I miss the banter between the two titular characters (as you only play as one character, whose primary voiced interaction during gameplay is to remind one, “maybe it’s time that we go back to base an build more towers”). as for the graphics, sure, much better than A4O, thank goodness. However, they look terrible when set against Crack in Time or Tools of Destruction.

    A year or two ago I would have charged in and bought the new R&C title without a second thought — especially as it launched at the bargain bin price of $20. But after A4O, I won’t be had again! Insomniac has to work for my money.

  • p.s. compare the screenshot that you posted here to those that you found for R&C:CiT:

  • I loved Crack in time, easily in the top 5 of my best games in the PS3 library. However, like @premiersoupir, I didn’t really like All 4 One. I’ll try the demo however so I’ll see after if I invest in this game.

  • hmm another series ive fancied playing but never got around to it

  • Obviously, this isn’t a traditional R&C game. Even most die hard fans from the PS2 era were eager to see Insomniac do something a little different. The standard linear action game has really fallen out of favor and traditional R&C was close to that.

    I didn’t like A4O either; it didn’t capture my interest and I didn’t play it very long. Dungeon Defenders shares the same broad 3rd-person action TD genre, but they play very differently. I couldn’t get into Dungeon Defenders. I never played Orcs Must Die.

    I changed the screenshot. You may be right that ACiT had better graphics (I completed that game) but I was pretty impressed by the visuals in this one.

    I skipped the cut scenes so far, but the in-game banter, such as Mr. Zurkon, is still pretty funny.

    I’d be interested to hear what you think if you give it more of a try.

  • I still need to complete A Crack in Tmie, but I’ll definitely give this one a go since the R&C series is one of the most solid 1st party releases on PS3.

  • Nice the game looks pretty good.thank god for gamefly 😛

  • wolfkin

    well hey it sounds nice. I guess I’ll have to check out the demo.

  • i loved dungeon defenders, still do, wonder if this is a game i’d love or not