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[Update] Holiday Giveaway Courtesy of Gophermods & |

Gophermods / Holiday Giveaeway

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the original plan for the big prize for the giveaway won’t be possible at the moment. But we decided to hold a Holiday giveaway to end the year. Details after the jump!

1st Place Winner: Game of their choice ($60 Value Max)
2nd Place Winner: T-Shirt (white or black version)
3rd Place Winner: 1000 Points
4th Place Winner: 750 Points
5th Place Winner: 500 Points


We had a total of 192 entries. The 5 winners are: wolfkin, chronorayven, UniFork, pedrolabate, FrogmanTM

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Here are the most recent YouTube video entries for all giveaways on with the most recent ones displayed first.

  • Woo, a big one! Thank you very much as always for another awesome year of, and happy holidays! Always my go-to place for news about PS3 games! ;D

  • Awesome contest would be a great way to start the new year!! 🙂

  • increaseblue

    This is a pretty cool way to spread the holiday cheer. Thanks guys!

  • Ooooo I’m so on this! A shirt would be awesome for X-mas :3

  • Yay another giveaway. Thanks to Gophermods and everyone here at 😀

  • woohoo great giveaway. i would be extremely happy winning the t shift never mind the game

  • OMG!!! Another great giveaway!!!!! <3 <3 *jumps up and down*

  • Hopefully my luck doesn’t crap out on me.

  • yay another giveaway thank you for the chance

  • nice! thanks & gophermods! 🙂

  • sweet, this looks like a good one

  • oasis789

    entered, though it isn’t recognizing my fb likes

  • could always use a new game in my collection.

  • insight

    awesome! hope i get something. :p

  • kindaixin

    Nice give away! 🙂

  • apologies for the double post. comment entry! 🙂

  • Hope I win. Would love a new game.

  • Hey I’d love a black PS3 blog shirt to go w/ my white one XD And a Game Of COurse!

  • Tosh

    I’m able to get the facebook like/comment to work. Facebook may have had temp issues, wait a few minutes and try again.

  • Entered for this 🙂

  • wolfkin

    good deal. Hope I can fulfill my Mass Effect Trilogy desires.

  • When is the drawing going to take place? Drumroll….

  • Oly

    Woohoo! Congrats Wolfkin!

  • Thanks for the win and congrats to the other winners 🙂

  • insight


  • congrats

  • wolfkin

    well I’ll be a bloody monkey’s uncle.. i have to learn about this from the chatroom of all places. I need to check my messages more often. Thanks Loko117 for reminding me.

  • congrats winners =D

  • wolfkin

    Going with Mass Effect Trilogy. It’ll be nice to see how my chart ( matches up with the truth of the game. keep in mind that mind map i created having seen no meaningful gameplay. I did try the ME2 demo but I pretty much had no idea what was going on.

  • Gosh darn, I’ve been pretty lucky this year. Thanks a bunch. Also..yeah..kinda late on my end.