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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Some Of Your December Content Has Been Announced! |

Short and sweet update. Sony has just announced two new games that will be added to the instant game collection: Rochard (which we reviewed) and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition!

I’m sure we’ll get another soon with a list of extra sales and discounts for PS+ subscribers to close the year, so be sure to visit us!

  • MEH ps+ has been shit for me lately

  • Oly


  • increaseblue

    Rochard was actually a decent game that got overlooked I feel. As for SSFIV: AE. Least they’re putting the updated one and not the vanilla version like jerks lol

  • @increaseblue: Yeah, I could have pictured them giving Street Fighter IV for free and then a PS+ discount on the Arcade Edition hahaha.

  • Well I thought it was Batman AC that I already have, but no avail … because I also have SSFIV LOL
    What I’d really like Christmas sale LIKE a psn euro daily (with new games), but it seems that not going to have.

  • Well the sale could go live on top of this week’s PS+ update, or it could start next week while leading up to Christmas.

  • i well, EU has been getting better ones, i think the thing that puzzles me is that we just got King of Fighters, seems like all the games we get are FPS and fighters. Oh well, still a good one to have around.

  • wolfkin

    so what’s arcade edition and how does it differ from non-arcade version(s)?

  • Wow, that’s kinda weak.

  • hmm yea i dunno if i’m excited about free street fighter

  • Not interested in Street Fighter and I’ve already got Rochard as part of a Indie Bundle…

  • @wolfkin: SSF IV – AE has been rebalanced from SSF IV, adds some new characters, is DLC for regular SF IV.

  • wolfkin

    ehh free fighters are a basic free game. Just nice. nothing special. Will be cool when gamers are over. Maybe I’ll take my PS3 to campus and anime club still stop playing Persona 4

    Missed the Rochard Indie Bundle… I remember hesitating till the last (@pedrolabate)

    Thank @EdEN so Arcade is the max version.. that’s compelling at least.

  • Love street fighter so nice!!…Gotta love ps+..I wish xbox had something like this

  • yah, so we have gotten how many fighters from Plus? It’s the 1 genre that’s kinda died this generation.

  • dude, street fighter is 18 Gb to download? are you kidding me? not enough room on the hard drive, not enough interest on my side to make that happen. how in the world is the game so large?

  • @premiersoupir: Lots of music, lots of content.

    @hobbes: Just 2, right? KoF and this one.

  • @eden, nope not even close,

    just in the past 6 months.
    virtual fighter
    Battle Fantasia
    Prior games were
    Awesomenauts could be considered a fighting game
    Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic i think was one
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was one as well( can’t remember fully)

  • wolfkin

    @premiersoupir – BD man. remember how excited everyone was about how BD could hold like 4 times the space of a DVD. Well reap mother ****** reap those huge games now.

    RagDoll was free for everyone not a PSN+ thing if i recall. Sprint sponsored free game
    I’d definitely knock Awesomenauts off. It’s a head to head game but if you consider it a fighter your definition is way way broad, and the list would be much larger.
    I’d have to look I know /I/ got SSFIITHDR because it was on sale. Like for $1 sale, I don’t remember it being free though.

    Still your point was made. With SFIV that’s 4 titles by my count and this is in the past 6 months. that’s fairly saturated especially with heavy sales on Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

  • @wolfkin: yeah, blu-ray, I know. I’m just floored that a fighting game could be so friggin’ huge. but I haven’t really played the genre since, you know, street fighter 2, so I’m thinking fixed 2d perspective and sprites. backgrounds with some flashing lights and cheerleaders that shake a pompom periodically. that sort of thing. 🙂

  • wolfkin

    I think it’s a bit crazy how the industry wants games to be bigger and bigger and yet at the same time they want us to now download these games. These expectations are not conducive to each other. We need to let one go. But this is a topic for another blog post.

  • LAME? this is f***ing AWESOME> I mean yea the game is a little old, but who can same SSF4AE is LAME? First KOF 13, now this? What’s next Dat Mahvel?

  • wolfkin

    honestly I’m mostly happy because these are games I never would have bought before. A few exceptions like Borderlands which I have sealed I now can preserve while I play out the digital version, ditto with Bioshock 2, Saint’s Row 2 (?), and LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2. NOne of those games I paid for (digitally) and I don’t mind preserving my optical drive.

  • i’ve been happy with plus by the way, overall. Something I think would be good to draw traffic to the site though, that I was trying to find when looking up the fighter list would be:
    A list of all past offerings of Plus titles per region/ EU and US. Could get some good traffic to the site if we compile a list like that and keep it updated.

  • I’m very happy with PS+. Got two more years of service which will allow my Vita collection to grow, grow, grow.

  • @EdEN I too am very happy with my PS+ though mine is only till 2014 also hoping the Vita gets more games and then those games becomes free too eventually. 🙂