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Triple Points In The Point Slot Machine For The Rest Of 2012 |

Starting now and until New Years Day (or whenever I remember to turn it off), if you manage to get lucky 7’s it will be worth triple points! So far the most 7’s acquired by a member was 4 by none other than Oly. About a week ago I changed it so you can spin every 12 hours if you pass the criteria. Good luck on the slots.


  1. hahaha, just span the slots and got four 7’s!

  2. you lucky bastard. i havent gotten any 7s in the last few days

  3. wolfkin

    every 12? nice .. thanks T0SH

  4. Woohoo!! Since you activated this I’ve only gotten 1 7 lol

  5. haha think ive gotten once with 2 7s otherwise nothing

  6. So far so good. I’ve earned lots of points, even with the single 7 hehehe.

  7. got a buncha nothing then hit a 3 7’s woohoo

  8. Just rolled the slots and got 1 seven for the first time. Woo hoo!

  9. Wonder if anyone will hit all 7s soon.

  10. UGH..not i said the duck.. still spinning.

  11. umm.. this post needs an edit to announce the very awesome point multiplier. That’s wicked awesome Tosh thanks for that.

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