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PlayStation Plus Complete Games List for US & EU |

A complete list of All free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The list does NOT include add-ons, trials or betas. This is a work in progress, so if something from the past is incorrect or missing please post a comment with the Title and Date it was initially put on PLUS.

  • Please leave comments on any corrections/additions, the EU list is a work in progress due to the blog not being as easy to find the PLUS titles on.

  • That is a lot of games, funny though how I only actually played 2 of them fully. others are just sitting there and getting deleted

  • Wow, I couldn’t imagine there were so many! I seriously need to play some of those instead of buying new games…

  • @pedrolabate: Tell me about it, hahaha.

  • ZFM12

    This is one of the reason why i had to upgrade my HDD

  • Just upgraded my HDD tonight from my stock 80GB to a 500GB, and I’m already feeling it’s a bit too small. I should have gotten the 1TB.

  • @Skott: I’ve got every PS+ game on my HDD as well as some other full retail games (LA Noire and all DLC, Borderlands and all DLC, Agarest Zero which is 16 GB, and so on) on my 350 HDD and I’ve still got 8 GB free. Can’t imagine how much content you’ll pump into a 500 GB one to fill it up.

  • Damn, makes me regret cancelling my sub, school is more important though

  • @eden – That makes me feel a lot better, but I should have spent the extra few bucks to get the terabyte. I don’t want to HAVE to delete any games in the future, for future PS+ games I want to download, like I was having to do with my 80GB.

    Either way, for right now, I’m good, and I have a ton of extra space. The 500GB SATA II drive was only $40 on Craigslist, so it was too good a deal to pass up.


  • on this list the games that were played over the classic SEGA genisis, The Simpsons Arcade, and Boderlands well if was already hard to play all these games PSN + USA, now I will have double work
    I was thinking of buy a just a game for the Xmas, and then I had the bright idea i will to sign the PSN EU plus too.
    Instead of a game, i will have some more games like Motorstorm, Bulletstorm, Vanquish, Limbo, big sky infinity

  • keep in mind, this is just a history of all past releases, it doesn’t state what is currently in the instant game collection for both sites.

  • damn thats a lot of games

  • @Pai: If my backlog wasn’t as big as it already is, I would have definitely subscribed to the European PS+ as well since there are enough different games to validate a yearly subscription.

  • wolfkin

    yeah good job hobbes. I got my 500 bending at the seams but i have a lot of video files on there too.

  • Cheeto

    I upgraded to 500 once Sony launched Day 1 releases lol

  • @Eden

    The best time to have signed in PSN+ Europe was when they gave a discount of 15 euros in annual subscription of 50 euros to 35, in that month had Dead Space 2, Red Dead Redemption, and more a game retail in digital copies, i cant remeber it.
    The price was attractive, I was in doubt, and that month i not found a PSN card for my PSN account in the store in the U.S i always buy it., lost there an optimal opportunity.
    Now is xmas, liked i said all these games and more Batman AA I have, besides that Europe putting in this promotion games with 50% to 70% as BF 3, Nba 2013, LPB Karting, Unfinished Swan, plus for 3 months for 10 euros, and in the coming weeks Hitman and Far Cry 3 with these discounts.
    Meanwhile in the USA, we have a lot of old PSN games again with 10 bucks off.
    I can assure you guys that European gamers want the content that is in USA, it seems that SCE did not like it and neither nor to that side also.

  • VERY impressive collection ! Great job for finding all this data !!

  • All that for 150 dollars. Glad my bro picked this up day 1. Even though I had ot download the free games 1st couple months cause “they didn’t look good’ XD

    I’ve been picking at my own plus for a bit though with the 1 month cards.

  • goodness, wish i’d seen this earlier,

    about 1/2 way down the first page has a full USA list. Will double check my list

  • darklinglewis

    This is a list pulled from my download list of about 95% of the eu plus content (games only). i have no dates yet but i will look into them.

    Quantum Conundrum
    F1 Race Stars
    Sleeping Dogs
    Pinball Arcade (vita)
    Jet Set Radio (vita)
    Gotham City Imposters/Mortal Kombat *
    Guardians of middle earth
    Bioshock 2
    Knytt Underground (vita)
    Mortal Komabat (Vita)
    Big Sky Infinity (cross buy)
    Batman ARkham City
    Prince of Persia Classic
    Voodoo dice
    Scott Pilgrim vs The world
    Far Cry 2
    Rayman (PS1)
    Trine 2
    Rock of ages
    Dead space 2
    Shift 2 Uneashed
    Crysis 2
    Shank 2
    Plants vs zombies
    Lara croft and the guardian of the light
    Just cause 2
    Deus EX human revolution
    Final fantasy V
    The simpsons arcade game
    silent hill (PS1)
    Resident evil 5 gold edition
    Resident evil directors cut (PS1)
    Renegade ops
    Sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedge hog 2
    streets of rage 2
    golden axe
    altered beast
    Comix zone
    HELL YEAH! Wrath of the dead rabbit
    Virtual fighter 5 final showdown
    magicial lord (neo geo)
    samurai showdown (neo geo)
    street smart (mini)
    Guerilla war (mini)
    Tomb raider underworld
    legac7y of kain soul reaver (PS1)
    Red Dead redemption
    Max payne
    warhammer 40k space marine
    red faction battlegrounds
    double dragon neon
    super sonic rockert-powered battle cars
    critter crunch
    majong tales ancient wisdom
    migic orbz
    smash cars
    wakeboarding HD
    sky fighter
    chime super deluxe
    comet crash
    castle crashers
    ricochet hd
    stick man rescue (mini)
    sam & max all episodes
    back to the future all episodes
    magic the gathering-duels of the planeswalkers
    arc the lad (PS1)
    tales from space: mutant blobs attack (vita)
    james pond 2 Codename robocod (PS1)
    creatures 3: raised in space (PS1)
    Guikty gear (PS1)
    zen pinball
    MARVEL pinball
    Blast off (mini)
    Echoes (mini)
    Aero racer (mini)
    age of zombies (mini)
    astro tripper
    alien zombie death (mini)
    jelly pops (mini)
    Burnout paradise
    hydrophobia prophecy
    mushroom wars
    bubble trouble (mini)
    kahoots (mini)
    bloons (mini)
    L.A. Gridlock (mini)
    vempire (mini)
    bashi blocks (mini)
    golf mania (mini)
    Rumble trucks (mini)
    cronovault (vita)
    fieldrunners (mini)
    a space shooter for 2 bucks (mini)
    yeti sports (mini)
    breakquest (mini)
    enigmo (mini)
    i must run (mini)
    kaleidoscope (mini)
    pix’n love rush (mini)
    dracula-undead awakening (mini)
    sneezies (mini)
    dynogems (mini)
    karimogi (mini)
    babel the king of blocks (mini)
    vector hd (mini)
    100 tiny claws (mini)
    cubixx hd
    duael invaders (mini)
    orbit (mini)
    OMG-Z (mini)
    hungry giraffe (mini)
    oddworld: stranglers wrath hd
    oddworld:abes oddysee (PS1)
    oddworld:abes Exoddus (PS1)
    lead and gold gangs of the west
    velocity (mini)
    the impossible game (mini)
    pipe madness (mini)
    farm frenzy (mini)
    farm frenzy 2 (mini)
    the 2d adventure of rotating octopus (mini)
    floating cloud saves the pilgrims (mini)
    trailblazer (mini)
    where is my heart (mini)
    speedball evolution (mini)
    wipeout hd
    crash comando
    motorstorm apocalypse
    infamous 2
    littlebig planet 2
    sly raccoon
    ratchet & clank all 4 one
    starhawk campaign mode
    crash bandicoot (PS1)
    crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes back (PS1)
    crash bandicoot 3: wraped (PS1)
    CTR: crash team racing (PS1)
    cool boarders (PS1)
    kula world (PS1)
    Destruction derby (PS1)
    Jet rider (PS1)
    Rally cross (PS1)
    super star dust protable (psp)
    Uncharted golde abyss (vita)
    gravity rush (vita)
    saints row 2
    Blue toad murder files
    streetfighter 2 hd remix