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Holiday Essentials Sale – Week 2 |

PSN began it’s Holiday sale last week with titles like Catherine finally reaching the $20 price point digitally, Retro/Grade in it’s first sale dropping to $4.90, I Am Alive hitting $7.35 and may more discounts. Even for non-PSN Plus Members. The Essentials Sales continues for a second week with the following sales:

Update: Showing that Sony is capable of adapting the Playstation Blog lets us know that the store has been updated with a few features

It’s also worth noting that a couple things have been updated in the PS Store navigation. We’ve incorporated some of your feedback and you can now filter Add-ons by game title and the Weekly Deals section has been placed more prominently. We hope these changes will help you find what you’re looking for.

Banner for PSN Sale

  • Duke Nukem Forever (Sale: $13.99, PS Plus: $9.80, Regular: $19.99)
  • Galaga Legions DX (Sale: $6.99, PS Plus: $4.90, Regular: $9.99)
  • Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita (Sale: $12.49, PS Plus: $8.74, Regular: $17.99)
  • Journey (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Mafia II (Sale: $13.99, PS Plus: $9.80, Regular: $19.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition PS3 (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita (Sale: $24.49, PS Plus: $17.14, Regular: $34.99)
  • Mortal Kombat (Sale: $20.99, PS Plus: $14.70, Regular: $29.99)
  • Papo & Yo (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Retro City Rampage (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: Free, Regular: $14.99)
  • Retro City Rampage PS Vita (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: Free, Regular: $14.99)
  • Simpsons The Arcade Game (Sale: $6.99, PS Plus: $4.90, Regular: $9.99)
  • Starhawk (Sale: $27.99, PS Plus: $19.60, Regular: $39.99)
  • Unit 13 (Sale: $18.49, PS Plus: $12.94, Regular: $26.99)

Some decent titles. Long time members of PSN Plus will already have Simpsons The Arcade Game, showing what is in my opinion one of the more minor annoyances with the membership. We’ll lose the game after our subscription expires and there’s no way to participate in this sale if we’re really big fans of the arcade port (which is actually quite excellent if you haven’t tried it).

Journey is an interesting choice though I still recommend you save your money and buy the triple game collector’s edition that includes Fl0w and Flower. Pacman DX was a fantastic title that holds up even now. I haven’t heard similar praise for it’s brother in DX arms Galaga Legions. Still the demo was fun and it’s likely the only game I’ll be picking up this week. As I already own Duke Nukem ($2.50 in stores) and Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD ($1.00 Door Buster). Quest for Booty is a great game and if I didn’t already have it on my UK account from the PSN Blackout I’d happily pick it up for $8. It’s short, it’s a touch linear, but it looks fantastic, controls great, and wasn’t over priced.

Are there any titles you plan to pick up or would like to suggest? How was Papa & Yo. The demo was interesting but not quite compelling enough to make me bite at $8 with my backlog. Care to try to convince me otherwise?

Source: Playstation Blog

  • pretty crummy sale IMO

  • hmmm maybe unit 13, mafia and simpsons arcade. 32gb just doesnt cut it atm mines already full

  • I don’t have journey yet so time to get it. Super glad I did not buy retro city rampage. Thought it might end up free.

  • 32GB!?!?! which one is 32GB?

  • Well Well, SCEA not give to us a good sales off for xsmas…all old games…too bad
    So i took Far Cry 3 in Euro per 50%off… SO AWESOME GAME…with a lot animals, remember me RDR, with secondary missions like bouty and animal exotic hunt. If u loves RDRand FPS game FAR CRY 3 its 4 u people.
    And took Hitman, but i not play yet…FAR CRY take my time LOL

  • no no im just saying my 32 gb mem card is already full. Its ok now though since unit 13 isn’t 12.94, it was a price error

  • Oly

    Some great deals, but I have all I want already 🙂

  • ok so i bought unit 13, playstation blog crossed out the 12.94 and replaced it with a higher price, but when i checked it on my vita last night the price adjusted to 12.94. So i picked it up and finally bought journey

  • meh nothing for me sale wise but cant complain with retro city rampage for free glad i didnt buy it when it first came out

  • Retro City Rampage for free is great. R&C Quest for booty is still too expensive @$7.35 for 3 hours of gameplay of a 4 years old game…

  • RCR is aaaaaweeesoooome! Really enjoy playing the game.

  • Finally bought Journey. Looking forward to playing it.

  • I’ll be skipping the sales. Have enough games as is as well as a brand new system.

  • Still can’t believe that Killzone 3 multiplayer is originally $14.99, thats an amazing deal already

  • Oly

    Journey is great!

  • Journey was unique dont know if i wouldnt consider it great

  • Kicks

    I re-purchased HSG and Unit 13
    I’m glad I waited to re-buy HSG

  • @Ceidz I’m not sure I’d agree. Quest for Booty looks great even for it’s age. It’s a bit linear sure and it’s not long but $7.35 isn’t too over priced. Especially if you’ve played the other R&C games and want to complete the set without buying. I’d say that it should be priced at 10-12 dollars so $8 is a nice little cut.

  • I just bought Hot Shots Golf for Vita though I wished I didn’t forget about the sale for Rayman Origins from the other week though. Other than that no major items I want to buy.

  • @wolfkin: At the discount price, Quest for Booty has enough content. Plus if you love R&C games, it is a must buy.

  • not buying any vita games ever until sony fixes memory card mess

  • I reallyh wish they would’ve given us ONE big gift and had like a 90% off game that no one ever bought:

  • What game would you have in mind?

  • most recent sale has some decent ones. two worlds II is 50% off as well