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PS3BlogCast Episode 72 – Plus PSN giveaway details

The end of the world is fast approaching, so you need to listen to this weeks podcast before it’s too late! Actually, no, you don’t. Everything is fine, just listen at your leisure!

It’s a dead weak for games as nothing came out. There were some notable games and DLC on the PSN, but not much else. Tune in to catch MissXya and me discuss what little there was, as well as me making another sales pitch about how fantastic Far Cry 3 is. Seriously, put it on your Christmas list!

Also don’t forget to enter for this months $20 PSN card giveaway. I need to find a way to better promote it on the site, as well as on Facebook. Just leave a comment below or send me a message on the PSN at Jcmdaddy. I’ll be giving the card away next week Wednesday, though we might not have a podcast that week. Just a heads up!

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


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[PS3 Review] Guardians of Middle-Earth

Fear and intimidation. These are the words that best describe the feelings I had when it comes to this genre; Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA for short. My first encounter with Guardians of Middle-Earth was at last summer’s E3 2012. At first, I thought it was a World Of Warcraft type of game. I never really bothered to even research or find out for myself what it is, until they sent us a review copy. This game changed how I feel dramatically. I play the game now more than ever and I’m not even the type to indulge these fantasy type of games. Once you get past the fear and intimidation and really take time to learn the basics, you will have a ton of fun.
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[PS3 Review] Hitman Absolution

It has been 6 years since Blood Money, so if you are asking if this new installment was worth the wait, well, the answer is yes. The man with the iconic barcode tattoo and black suite returns. Hitman Absolution is more personal, more Violent and more gruesome. It will force you to view the world through the eyes of a true predator. What is more lethal than a contracted killer? A contracted killer with a personal vendetta. Agent 47 is the most dangerous man on the planet.
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PlayStation Plus Complete Games List for US & EU

A complete list of All free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The list does NOT include add-ons, trials or betas. This is a work in progress, so if something from the past is incorrect or missing please post a comment with the Title and Date it was initially put on PLUS.
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