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Is Sony Teasing PS4 Announcement Date Feb 20, 2013

What are your thoughts? Ready for the “next generation”? What do you want to see other than more power? What hardware features do you want? Ready for a different controller?

There is also a site set up at


OpEd: The PS Vita – What Went Right & What Went Wrong

PS Vita - What Went Right & What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong with the Vita

Sony massively overestimated the appetite for downports of hit PS3/360 action games. The action game fanbase is tired of PS3/360 hardware and is eager for new consoles and newer devices with dramatically better technology. Taking mass market favorites like CoD and Assassin’s Creed and cutting down the already aging graphics and frame rates and game complexity and giving them a baby experience of the real game is just a losing proposition.

I predict a similar outcome with Killzone Mercenary. The excitement for new, dramatically more powerful hardware is going to steamroll over any interest PS3 and sub-PS3 graphics technology.

What Went Right with the Vita: Up Ports

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PS3BlogCast Episode 76 – Plus PSN card giveaway!

Welcome back to the 76th episode of the PS3Blogcast. Tune in this week to listen to Isli, MissXya and I discuss some of the top stories from the past few days, as well as finding out who this month’s winner of the $20 PSN gift card is!

I remind everyone this episode that the rules for entry into the drawings will change next month and moving forward. From now on you’ll have to enter in the secret word from the podcast. I’m going to see how well it works giving everyone a single entry for each podcast secret word, giving you a total possible entry count of 3 (if you enter each weeks).

Hope you all enjoy and congrats to the winner this month!

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


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Soul Sacrifice out April 30 & pre-order bonuses revealed


Soul Sacrifice, a potential killer app for the Vita, has finally gotten a release date! On April 30th you will be able to get your hands on Soul Sacrifice and all its demon hunting glory. There is also some great news for the original voice lovers. Pre-ordering will allow you to receive the original Japanese voice pack free! Also included is the following:

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