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NFL Betting Playoffs Week 3 |

Right here we are at the last week of the playoffs to see how will make their way to the Super Bowl. Lets get those points ready and get the betting started. Just so you know, I always wait until the last minute to bet. That way I can always bet for the team that has the least amount of points bet on them. Do not be scared to bet if you are the only one, because hopefully I’ll always remember to bet against you. Remember that if you have any ideas for anything to bet on, please leave us a reply on the forum post below.

How it works is that you choose the team that you think will win, and you bet anything from 50 to 1000 points. If your team wins, the pot is split between everyone who chose that team. The more points you bet, the bigger the percentage of the pot you get.


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What do you want to bet your points on? Let us know on this forum topic.

  • Nice, thanks for getting this up and running!

  • points have been rewards for the first two games congrats Vikings and Buccaneers

  • remember people new bet are up

  • Oly


  • so glad we have stuff like this now

  • Are we doing NFL playoff betting?

  • first week of playoffs betting is now up

  • 100 points on the Hanover Cougars!

  • HTTR

  • damn you @kennygk you cleaned up this week

  • Thanks, really excited the Seahawks won, not even my main team, I just love Russell Wilson right now

  • haha ye i love going for the Seahawks just because they are such underdogs came out of no where this season and with a rookie qb

  • bloody hell that was a shame. That was some come back for the Seahawks so close

  • That seahawks game was a classic. Actually all of the games except the Pats-Texans game were classics.

  • aye another good week for you 3 to 1. Though the one you did lose was the biggy. aye there were all pretty damn close games gonna be good games next week as well

  • Ya it was still a good week. I just hope more people bet, I know people will bet on the Super Bowl, but the turnout for the past few weeks has been pretty bad. I guess people are saving money for contests, but you can make a lot of money off the slot machine

  • ye i was hopping more people would start betting after awhile guess no luck though. will have to think on what to bet on next once nfl has ended