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PS3BlogCast Episode 73 |

The Mayans were wrong and a new year has arrived. We’re back after our long break during the holiday season. I must say it feels like it’s been longer than three weeks. It’s good to be back, even if there is no real news to discuss. Tune in this week to catch myself and MissXya talk about what we’ve been playing, as well as a few other items.

I want to remind everyone that by simply commenting on the podcast article you’re entered in for a chance to win the $20 PSN gift card at the end of the month. I’m thinking of expanding some of the rules to make it more interesting, which I’ll probably write up a proper article for that way everyone is informed.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you all enjoy it!

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Far Cry 3 Outpost
  • DmC Bloody Palace DLC
  • Best selling PSN titles of 2012
  • Three Dog voice actor has a teasing tweet
  • Illumiroom
  • UltraViolet copies suck
  • Secret Word
  • I still haven’t finished Fallout 3 and New Vegas so it will be awhile till I have time to care about Fallout 4. I see FO4 coming out in the next gen console though. There’s going to be a lot of movies I want to watch this year starting with Warm Bodies to Star Trek to Ironman 3 among them.

  • I’ll be getting the Journey CE this year, and perhaps another PS3 game or two and that’s about it. Having just bought a Wii U, and the fact I want to complete my backlog before I’ve retired, means I’ll cut back on purchases.

  • CES game show has been interesting thus far, good podcast. And definately wanting to get farcry at some point. though i may play farcry 2 though it’s not near as good

  • With you on Fallout. Would love to try a 4th one but haven’t even finished New Vegas and with work getting less time to play these days.

  • haven’t listened to anything but i see we’re talking about Fallout. I loved Fallout 3 but man after maybe 5 hours I had to stop. It was just too open. that and i glitched ended up somewhere I shouldn’t have been and had no idea how to get back on track. It’s just too big for me to get back in unless I have time to sit down for 2-3 hour sessions. I’ve been holding off on New Vegas but I just saw a deal for it for $14 (Ultimate Edition) and I had to bite.. so I have THAT on my backlog as well as other open worlders like GTAIV Complete (Steam) and Dragon Age Origins (and maybe DA2 i forget)

  • I thought that New Vegas WAS the 4th Fallout XD I don’t know I shot 3-dog in his face the moment I saw him so there is no fallout 4.


  • @eden – Did you get Mario on the Wii U? I was wondering, when someone uses the game pad to draw up platforms, can they draw them anywhere or is it only in like designated outlined areas? Like could they just put up a wall to block the other players?

    @hobbes – Far Cry 2 will feel a little outdated, control wise, since there are some things that feel stiff. But when it was out I loved it. I’d spend so much time just messing around in that game. I loved the missions you’d get from the gun store, they were always the same, but I loved setting up IED booby traps!

    I haven’t played NV myself. I put it off back when because of all of the issues it was having. I was going to wait for that GotY edition and hope that it was patched, but I never got around to it. I’d like to go back and play it, but I don’t really have time atm to sink into a long RPG. At least until the FF14 beta.

  • @Clint: Yep, I got NMSB U. You can use the gamepad to draw platforms anywhere up to a max of 4 at a time and when one disappears you can add it again. And yes, you can indeed put it on the way of a player, cut their jump short and make them drop to their death. Also, you can either play on the GamePad in single player, or then in Multiplayer up to 4 players use the Wiimote to play and another player uses the GamePad to draw the platforms.

  • Oly

    Hmmm Farcry 2.. might need to check it out lol

  • enslaved odyssey to the west imo was a great game and should be played =D

  • @oly1kenobi – It is fun, it was free for PS+ members a while back, not sure if you cashed that in or at least queued it up. It might be tough going from 3 to 2, only because 3 is such an improvement. But at the time 2 was great. The story isn’t that good, and the characters weren’t all that entertaining, but the gameplay was awesome. Some people didn’t like the gun jams but they added a fun tweak to firefights. It also enticed you to find the gold AK haha.

    @mowmow – I’ll definitely have to check it out if I can find it. If they’d add it to the PSN that’d be nice!

  • ZFM12

    Farcry 2 was ok. I haven’t played the 3rd one yet

  • think you need to try and involve the podcasts in the giveaway somehow rather then just comments since then you need to listen to them to enter

  • @Kane112 – Well the reason I did it by comments, mainly, is because our download numbers are a lot higher than how many members we have on the site. If I could pull some of those listeners onto PS3Blog that’d be great. I had thought about just doing it for people who entered the secret word, since that’d be an indicator for what you’re saying. Involving the podcast. But we’ll see. It’s only been three months so far, so there is still some refining to do.

  • ahh nice never knew that. Ye just doing it for people who have entered in the secret one on one podcast through the month could work

  • Oly

    Yes I queued FC2 🙂

    @mowmow “enslaved odyssey to the west imo was a great game and should be played =D”
    I agree.. loved that game hope they make another

  • fangyuansnake

    Oh,no.I didn`t know the secret word.