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Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition Has Been Announced! |

The fans have voted, their votes have been counted, and the results are final: Dead Island Riptide will be release in a Collector’s Edition called “Rigor Mortis”. What can fans expect inside of their box, for only $79.99?

Rigor Mortis

– Zombie hula girl bobble figurine

– Bloody zombie arm bottle opener magnet

– Bungalow key with a branded wood keychain

– Dead Island Riptide Special Edition which includes extra DLC content and a helpful digital strategy map.

– Everything will be inside of a Dead Island replica suitcase – the most iconic item from the original Dead Island.

Featuring character-import options for fans who want to carry over their original saved games, Dead Island Riptide is the thrilling next chapter in the Dead Island universe. Co-op has never been more important as Dead Island Riptide players band together to defend new, key territories in water-soaked tropical locales against hordes of never-before-seen zombie types. Also, a new playable character class, fresh gameplay mechanics and drivable boats plunge you ever-more into the depths of what’s really lurking behind the deadly zombie infestation….

Be sure to pre-order your copy today in order to secure your Collector’s Edition!

  • character import sounds good and well, but i want to see what exactly that means. Is it just a stat bonus? full on setup with items or what not? story elements? The reason Mass Effect was so effective was that it was designed from the get go to have character importing as a feature so the ‘hooks’ were in the first game.

  • I’m going to guess it is a stat boost or full on “import your character at their current level with their full inventory”. I’ll let you know as soon as I know what it will be like.

  • import character guess i will need to get around to playing the first one at some point

  • Still haven’t played this yet. Heard good things though.