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RUMOR: Is Sony Abandoning the Dualshock with the PS4? |


Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen, the development source claimed.

A second source, working in a separate part of the industry but still connected to Sony, said PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”. This is likely a reference to the touch-screen capabilities of the PlayStation handheld, and a suggestion that Sony will tightly integrate its portable and home systems.

The new console – codenamed Orbis – will be revealed in a matter of weeks, not months.

For every product or idea that reaches a finished product, there are dozens that don’t. It should be pretty obvious, that there are probably thousands of wacky PS4 ideas and experiments inside of Sony that get cut. Knowing the video games news cycle types, people can take scraps of information from an internal brainstorm and over read into that and extrapolate that into the final direction of the PS4.

The known I/O paradigms are:

  • Traditional sticks/buttons and a living room type standing TV setup
  • An all-in-one tablet device that doesn’t need an external TV
  • A Wii U type tablet/TV hybrid scheme
  • A TV + motion wand like the Wii or PlayStation Move
  • A TV + controller free motion detector like the Kinect
  • VR headset like the prototypes from Oculus Rift

Out of all of these, I would take the safe bet that Sony takes the safe bet with a PS3-style control scheme with some clever enhancements. My personal hope is that Sony is building a gaming platform entirely around VR. The Oculus Rift team is currently the leader of publically demoed prototypes. The big downside to the Oculus Rift is that it’s an add-on peripheral and doesn’t seem like it will attract a lot of my favorite development studios: Rockstar, Atlus, From Software, Insomniac Games, and all the Sony first party teams. I’m hoping that Sony’s big PlayStation reveal will be VR hardware and a VR platform but that seems a long shot right now with no rumors or leaks pointing in this direction.

However, I’d bet against a Wii U type touchscreen controller or a biometric sensor controller being a flagship controller for the PS4. Neither of these concepts fits PlayStation’s games at all.

  • They better be. We’ve pretty much had the same controller since the first revision on the PS1 that added the analog sticks.

  • God no. The Dualshock is great! It could be a little bit bigger though, I have big hands ;p

    I just hope that if they do, motion control isn’t the direction they’ll be looking for. Same goes for touch controls…

  • Like for them to stick to the dualshock as well or at least dualshock combatible with ability to upgrade to the new controller.

  • I love the DS3, best controller around imo.

  • ye i have absolutely no problems with them sticking with the DS

  • I think they should adjust them for better ergonomics, but other then that, they shouldn’t add any major upgrades. I really believe the console will be announced soon, probably end of February, Beginning of March(Feb 27 – March 5)

  • I want to go with a open mind to a new controller. The DS is a sony trademark however it might be time for change. I would still think the DS would still be usable.

  • Dualshock 3 is NOT the best controller available. It is very uncomfortable for long gaming sessions, and does not innovate at all. 10 years with the same controller? Time for change!

  • ZFM12

    I rather enjoy the same PS Controller. It’s not big and bulky like the Xbox Controller. It fits your hands very nicely. The reason it hasn’t changed because it works flawlessly (IMO)

  • i’d love to have at least a dual shock kinda controller around still, or for the ps3 controllers to work with the ps4

  • I don’t mind a controller change, as long as its backward-compatible with the DS3. This way I can keep my 3 controllers with the next Playstation 🙂

  • I think the DS is one of the best controllers this generation. Which isn’t saying much, the Wiimote isn’t really comparable and the WiiU is a new generation.

    hey @EdEN remember if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    I did just buy a third party 360 controller (for steam) and bloody beef tips does that thing feel awkward.

  • Oly

    How do we know this isn’t just a wiiU type addition to the dualshocks? I would greatly welcome that.

  • I wont lie, I like the dual shock, but they need to do something so that the controller fits properly in the hand, after a long time of gaming, I get hand cramps now, before it use to be from just writing, but now gaming. As long as the controller fits my hands, (everyones) in a way that it fits the hands right.

  • fangyuansnake

    sounds good

  • @Oly: Sony either needs to go all in, or not bother. The Wiimote is the standard controller with all Wii SKU, and the same goes for the Wii U GamePad. Having a peripheral for PS4 means it would never be completely supported by all devs since it’s not the standard, and they be catering to a small percentage of owners. In other words, see Move.

  • cherryrasulka

    Man, PlayStation really lost me when they came out with 3. I hope they don’t start canning good features