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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Your January Content Is Almost Here! |

PS Plus January

In case you haven’t checked it out, there is a huge sale that will go live tomorrow, and PS+ members can take advantage of an extra discount which brings some games down to 1/4 of their original price!

As for the actual PS+ update for the month? You will get Foosball 2012 free for PS3 and Vita, and you can take advantage of a 20% discount on escapeVektor for Vita, a very fun game with 15+ hours worth of content and which we’ll review soon.

  • foosball meh. Sale though is pretty damn good

  • cherryrasulka

    I’m still not really satisfied with what they have for the Vita

  • @chrryrasulka: I really like the Vita instant game collection since it does offer something for everyone. It will be interesting to see how many Vita games we get in 2013 as part of the Playstation Plus subscription service.

  • Foosball= :/ well at least there is a sale though so not entirely bad

  • @cherryrasulka

    Im not satisfied with what they have been bringing out for the ps3 for the past 3 months.

  • Kicks

    I may end up buying escapeVektor at that price. The videos looked quite interesting

  • @Kicks: Go for it! It’s a very fun game that will keep you going back for more over and over again.

  • Foosball, lol. Well, we win some, we lose some.

  • not really that great of a free vita game, but hey there’s plenty of games so far until the next free game update =]

  • cherryrasulka

    @xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux & @EdEN I would really like to see what comes to the Vita for 2013. I really wish they would get Hulu + on there, they have really been slacking on apps for it. I use my Vita mostly for streaming video & Facebook & Youtube.

  • cherryrasulka

    At least the 3 month plan wasn’t too terribly expensive, I just now know to wait until they really put something out there that grabs my attention!

  • My + ran out today at 1 pm. Good think I was able to get me some FOOZBALLS

  • @Darklurkr23: So, not renewing?

  • I just wait for those free 1 monthers from promo sites and twitter etc. Not going to renew nothing I need right now Maybe 3-4 months

  • @Darklurkr23: So you’ve completed every single free PS+ game in your collection?

  • Noooo It’s just I got plenty of other backlog on disc and XB/LA to not need to

  • ( WE realy need an Edit button (>>)

    This one I just finished off was like a 2 a.m. fast finger from twitter someguy

  • Makes sense. I took advantage of the free months promo when renewing and I’m set till 2014. Making the most of it!

  • A little out of context, but @darklurkr23, when + subscription ends, all + privileges expire. Does every game comes back when you renew a few months later or is it really mandatory to never let the subscription expire to keep every game that has been activated ?

  • @Ceidz: Once your PS+ sub expires, you can’t use the games you got for free from PS+, but you can continue to play those you bought with a discount. Your PS+ games have an expiration date (which matches the day on which your sub expires) and said deadline is extended to the new expiration date of your PS+ sub once you renew. You can let it lapse for a couple of months and then renew, and you will be able to play your PS+ games again.

    A 1 year sub for only $50 provides you with a LOT of games to play and is better than getting a single new game at retail (well, you would still need $10+ Tax, but you get the idea) and the new games added every month just make it better and better… and now that we ALSO get free Vita games, you can’t go wrong with a 1 year sub!

  • Thanks for the clarification @EdEN !