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[Double Points] Free Points Saturday | Jan 26, 2013 |

Sorry we haven’t setup a FPS for a while. But since we have a the big Superbowl bets setup. Here is a chance to earn some points so you can place your bets. This time you get 300 points & 20 people have a chance this time.

What is the name of this location & the movie it was featured in? Enter it in the box below like so:

location movie title

Sorry, a little too late! The answer was Chand Baori The Fall.

Clue 1: Movie was released in the USA/UK in 2008.
Clue 2: EeAyIQ_OT_I
Clue 3: Governor Odious


  1. ok so this picture is from a movie. The title of the movie is a ‘location’ and that location happens to be where this particular scene is set.

    If i understand this.. i have no idea.. thinking…

  2. oh nm. i see.. so i have the film just gotta get the location right.

  3. Ya, the location is where that part of the movie was filmed. It’s 2 words.

  4. i have no idea what movie that is

  5. I’ll give a clue later today if people are having trouble. But the location is 2 words and the movie is 2 words.

  6. me neither…. !

  7. Woo that was tough, I’ve never heard of that movie in my life, had to do some detective work.

  8. Whew took me forever but finally got it! Thanks for the points. 🙂

  9. I read an article about that place the other day, had to dig through my history to remember what movie it was in XD

  10. the little red guy is throwing me off

  11. i know the location, and at least 1 recent movie that used it, but doesn’t seem to work

  12. hmmm this one too some research before i could get it. Thanks for the points =]

  13. hmm.. i’m thinking maybe i misspelled it now.

  14. Never seen the movie or place this took a bit of research.

  15. got it… cheers to all my fellow get-it-righters. We did good. Will definitely watch this.

  16. Looks familiar but I have no idea lol.. Research starts now…

  17. Ok found the movie quick.. thanks Google image search 😉 now for the location… hmmm

  18. woohoo… thanks Google!

    I need to watch this movie.. and visit this place!

  19. thats what i was going to say oly

  20. thanks for the points

  21. Wow, how come I never new about google image search?! This s**t is awesome!

  22. Barely got this one. That took some looking into.

  23. lol i know pedro i never knew about it as well first time i used it was on this

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