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[Double Points] Free Points Saturday | Jan 26, 2013 |

Sorry we haven’t setup a FPS for a while. But since we have a the big Superbowl bets setup. Here is a chance to earn some points so you can place your bets. This time you get 300 points & 20 people have a chance this time.

What is the name of this location & the movie it was featured in? Enter it in the box below like so:

location movie title

[question answer=”Chand Baori The Fall” option=”freepoints” limit=”20″]

Clue 1: Movie was released in the USA/UK in 2008.
Clue 2: EeAyIQ_OT_I
Clue 3: Governor Odious

  • ok so this picture is from a movie. The title of the movie is a ‘location’ and that location happens to be where this particular scene is set.

    If i understand this.. i have no idea.. thinking…

  • oh nm. i see.. so i have the film just gotta get the location right.

  • Tosh

    Ya, the location is where that part of the movie was filmed. It’s 2 words.

  • i have no idea what movie that is

  • Tosh

    I’ll give a clue later today if people are having trouble. But the location is 2 words and the movie is 2 words.

  • me neither…. !

  • Woo that was tough, I’ve never heard of that movie in my life, had to do some detective work.

  • Whew took me forever but finally got it! Thanks for the points. 🙂

  • I read an article about that place the other day, had to dig through my history to remember what movie it was in XD

  • the little red guy is throwing me off

  • i know the location, and at least 1 recent movie that used it, but doesn’t seem to work

  • hmmm this one too some research before i could get it. Thanks for the points =]

  • hmm.. i’m thinking maybe i misspelled it now.

  • Never seen the movie or place this took a bit of research.

  • got it… cheers to all my fellow get-it-righters. We did good. Will definitely watch this.

  • Oly

    Looks familiar but I have no idea lol.. Research starts now…

  • Oly

    Ok found the movie quick.. thanks Google image search 😉 now for the location… hmmm

  • Oly

    woohoo… thanks Google!

    I need to watch this movie.. and visit this place!

  • thats what i was going to say oly

  • JD

    thanks for the points

  • Wow, how come I never new about google image search?! This s**t is awesome!

  • Barely got this one. That took some looking into.

  • lol i know pedro i never knew about it as well first time i used it was on this