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Sony Teases Game Day 2013 |

Sony is getting extremely good at making us guess what they have in store for us. The latest Game Day 2013 video keeps the theme going. Don’t Blink!

I have my guess, what is yours?

  • That dusty stuff (kind of like the dust in killzone thats floating around) falling towards the end must be the clue and he is obviously day dreaming about her…humm killzone 4?

  • Oly

    Looks like ash to me.. and a chicks eye?? Goddess of War! If not GOW vita!

  • This has to be god of war, the eye gives it away. But, it could be a completely new franchise, which would be sweet, especially if they pair that announcement with the announcement of the PS4.

  • no clue, but hoping for last guardian

  • Heavenly sword 2 🙂

  • that looks like ash and the skin around the eye at the end looks burnt. I have no idea

  • A game for Vita perhaps… wishing for Infamous 3 though 😛

  • God of war Ascension. Probably Kratos’s wife. He did kill them and their was fire I believe.

  • I wanna say God of War but that almost seems *too* obvious.

    Also, when you said “Don’t blink” I almost didn’t want to click it because Doctor Who has ruined me…

  • one of the best episodes out there..

  • GOW Ascension, mb krato s Family

    Looks like SPARTAN stuff

  • It’s god of war, a second teaser was released confirming its GOW

  • I never got a chance to play Heavenly Sword, except for the demo, but I hope this the 2nd one! it would be really nice.

  • Oly

    LOL this isn’t a teaser to a new game at all.. I thought it was.. this is just a teaser to a Super Bowl commercial.. so of course it is just God of war Ascension as some have mentioned. No question!