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Is Sony Teasing PS4 Announcement Date Feb 20, 2013 |

What are your thoughts? Ready for the “next generation”? What do you want to see other than more power? What hardware features do you want? Ready for a different controller?

There is also a site set up at

  • no idea. not really ready for the ps4 still having a good time with ps3

  • Yeaa PS4(Orbis?), can’t be anything else. So excited. I’ll probably wait a year or two to buy it, like I did with my PS3

  • Oh wow, nice ad ! Like @kennygk, would wait for a decent price !
    If the console is 399$ at launch, I’ll be buying one early 🙂

  • Oly

    I’m ready!

  • It’s gotta be priced at $399. They won’t make that mistake again.

  • PS$ 4k resolution. Get your $24,000 ready for a 4k tv lol Man when you look at the ps2 game list compared to the ps3 theres so many better gems on the ps2. I think sony can run the ps3 for quite some time. I hope microsoft isnt pushing them to force this out faster then is actually needed. The jump in terms of graphics isnt going to be what people are expecting, but then again if you dont know what directx 11 is you may be satisfied. will be interesting!

  • I’m definitely looking forward to the announcement and this years E3! As Jason said the jump in graphics won’t be like they were with this gen and last gen, but the things developers will be able to do as far as open worlds, detail, physics, lighting and the rest will be fantastic. I’m mainly looking forward to the fact that it will be easier for 3rd party devs to work with. Since every third party game doesn’t look nearly as good as Sony’s first party.

  • azmodeus

    Not likely. When it gets announced it will be at E3 or Tokyo game show. Not through PS Blog.

  • If it is PS4, then I am not ready either. I would like to see it, I would either buy it right away, or wait a month or so, unless there is some pre order incentive.

    What they would need to make sure of though is to have back wards compatibility. And not BS us. Also have a smoother interface, and have actual discs. -_- I hate digital copies.

    Also they need to stop releasing exclusives for the PS3, so they have something for PS4. Also they need to get something going for the Agent game from Rockstar, if its not already canceled. and Reboot Resistance

  • I know many are speculating that this is a PS4 announcement, but I don’t believe it. The timing doesn’t seem right. Anyway, if this proves to be true regarding a PS4 announcement, I hope they aren’t rushing this out just to get ahead of Xbox next. That would be a mistake in my opinion. Besides, everyone is buying Wii U’s now, riiight????

  • No way it can launch at $399 without bankrupting Sony. They would take a huge loss per console sold at that price considering the leaked specs.

  • Oly

    Rumor has always been that both Sony and Microsoft would announce before GDC, which is March 25-29, so.. maybe??

  • Oly

    So edge magazine just confirmed it 🙂

  • Also from the tweet of @KazHiraiCEO “On 20th February, we will finally show of the future of PlayStation: PS3 Firmware Update 4.4!” …. hmmmm…. 19 days till we know what other things will happen in Feb 20th

  • I’m not ready for PS4 yet either, really hoping this is gonna be a worthwhile announcement though!

  • should be interesting, will need BC for me to be an early adopter.

  • I have seen the leaked specs, but some things I would like to see:

    – 4K out of the box.
    – They also need to fix the wireless latency issues. They need to wireless mics to work better for karaoke games etc…
    – I think they will throw out the XMB and go totally virtual. Some type of Home lite that will take you to your content.
    – smallish SSD (32/64GB) with option to add HDD. Reduces heat
    – Must be PS3 backward compatible
    – Wireless HDMI
    – I like that Sony is working on the UserID model. The current one has big issues.

    These would be in my “wishlist”

  • Sweet! Been ready for a long time and sick of waiting.