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Subscribe to PS+ and get 3 extra months for free

From today and until March 4, if you purchase a 1 year subscription to PS+ you will get an extra 3 months for free. This puts your investment at $3.33 a month for your $50 purchase which is a great deal considering all the free games you will get as well as Cloud saves (with 1 GB of space) and huge discounts and new and legacy content.

Will you be subscribing (or increasing your sub)?


[Double Points] Free Points Saturday | Jan 26, 2013

Sorry we haven’t setup a FPS for a while. But since we have a the big Superbowl bets setup. Here is a chance to earn some points so you can place your bets. This time you get 300 points & 20 people have a chance this time.

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Point Slot Machine – Get Extra Entries Into Giveaways!

When giveaways are active, make sure to get another extra entry by unlocking the Point Slot Machine page. Once unlocked you can go to the bottom of the page and click the images to get your extra entry. Most of the time this extra entry will be available for you. Sometimes we will do something different with the bonus URL entry and you need to check the giveaway post for more details.


[PS3 Review] Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage. Oh, what a game, what a game. RCR had been in development for almost 10 years before One-man army Brian Provinciano announced to the world that the game would FINALLY see a full release on every home console in the market.
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