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Skylanders SWAP Force Announced |

Just when you thought you had them all, Activision decides to announce a new game in their extremeley popular Skylanders series. This one however, comes with a twist!

“Skylanders is “mixing it up” with the newest game in the award-winning, top-selling franchise. Skylanders SWAP Force builds upon the success of the franchise’s signature gameplay and collectible toy experience and adds a dimension to the “toys to life” innovation. The game introduces an all-new play pattern — dynamic swapability — that lets gamers reconfigure 16 SWAP Force inter-action figures into more than 250 unique characters by swapping the top and bottom halves of the toys. Now, Portal Masters can mix and match characters’ powers and moves and experience an unprecedented level choice than ever before seen in a Skylanders game. Fans also can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of characters from Skylanders Spyro’s AdventureTM and Skylanders GiantsTM.”

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Skylanders SWAP Force features new abilities – such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting – which can be used in previously unexplored areas of Skylands centered on these play mechanics. Additionally, the game features 16 new standard figures, eight new LightCore™ characters and 16 new versions of fan favorite Skylanders from previous games. Now kids will have more than 100 characters from which to choose. The game’s high-resolution graphics brings detailed characters and richer environments to life, immersing players in the game like never before.

In Skylanders SWAP Force, Portal Masters embark on an all new adventure in the mysterious Cloudbreak Islands, home to a mystical volcano that erupts every hundred years to replenish the magic in Skylands. During an epic battle, a brave group of Skylanders were caught in the volcano’s eruption, which blasted them apart and sent them to earth. But, the magic of the volcano gave these heroes a remarkable new power — the ability to swap halves – turning them into a special team known as the SWAP Force. Meanwhile, Kaos is back with a new evil plan. And now, Portal Masters everywhere must reassemble the SWAP Force — in their original form or in new combinations — and send them back to Cloudbreak to save Skylands!

o Vast Possibilities for Play – Skylanders SWAP Force features 16 new inter-action figures with new powers and a fresh play pattern – dynamic swapability – that lets kids create more than 250 unique character combinations, giving them more choice than ever before over how they fight and move in the game. With each new addition to their Skylanders SWAP Force collection, Portal Masters unlock an exciting world of possibilities.

o More Play Options – For the first time, Portal Masters can experience new dimensions of gameplay including the addition of jumping. And, seasoned fans can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants. Skylanders SWAP Force delivers a diverse and dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini games, and drop-in/drop-out co-op – all set within compelling environments.

o All New Characters – More than 50 collectible characters including:
• 16 new SWAP Force characters
• 16 new Core Skylanders characters
• 8 LightCore™ Skylanders characters
• 16 new versions of fan-favorite Skylanders from the previous games, each featuring an all new “Wow Pow” upgrade power

o Exciting Adventure – Portal Masters will embark on a brand new adventure, encountering never-before-seen enemies and challenges, as well as meeting memorable non-playable characters who can help the Skylanders defeat Kaos and his minions in the Cloudbreak Islands.
o Unique Swap Force Zones – Skylanders SWAP Force characters feature traversal abilities – such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting – each of which can be explored in new areas of Skylands that are centered on these new play mechanics.
o Enhanced Graphics Quality – Swap Force’s high-resolution graphics bring to life amazingly detailed characters and richer environments to deliver a high level of visual fidelity that immerses players in the game like never before.

Source: Press Release

  • Hmm wonder how this will compete with Disney Infinity

  • i mean that’s adorable and all (the commercial) and I’m sure they did that in response to Disney.. buthonestly this is pushing it… it feels like they just released Giants and now they’re already on their third iteration? You can’t push skylanders like you can Call of Duty because in addition to the game we have to buy all the toys.. that takes time. I really think this should have waited until closer to the DI launch.. maybe not after because Disney characters will appeal hardcore more than random Skylanders.. but still Giants needs more time to marinate.

  • Yea your right wolfkin, I work at a ToysRUs, and it feels like it was just a few months ago that giants was coming out and now a new one already? Way too soon, good way to kill a franchise.

  • Disney will be thanking activision left and right. how to kill a franchise.

  • This is cool if your 5 😛 Gonna be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Oly

    This is going to blow Disney outta the water… It already has a huge following and is one of the most successful franchises of all time.
    it seems too soon, especially since all of the giants haven’t even been released yet, but I’ll bet it sells great.

  • @kennygk: That is the reason why they’re rushing to have a new game for this year, so that they can compete against Infinity.

  • @EdEN yea by the time Disney Infinity comes out, people will know there’s a new Skylanders game coming out and parents will wait till that comes out and buy it for their kids, unless their kids really love disney.

  • @Oly1Kenobi Skylanders has a big following but Disney is bigger man.. the draw of playing as your favorite Disney characters and the collectible and addictiveness of Skylanders together.. Skylanders alone will have a hard time.

    @beastxJason dude word on the street is that beyond the IRL pokemon aspects the actual game is supposed to be pretty decent man.. not just for 5 year olds.

    this is going to be so exciting to see who emerges stronger Disney or Skylanders.. the older game or the bigger property. If Disney really goes hard with their characters.. like REALLY hard like bringing Jungle Book and Peter Pan and such. Heaven forbid they leverage Marvel and/or Star Wars. It really could go either way.

  • Kicks

    Not looking forward to another Skylanders game.
    My kids have not even finished Giants yet

  • yeah parents gonna see this as a nightmare… i mean you gotta get so many skylanders.. and then they added giants.. and now swap force.. and heaven forbid you were a disney house and now your kid wants to be Buzz lightyear

  • Oly

    They are probably releasing it in late Fall so that it’s close to the Christmas shopping season.

  • Kicks

    I have not even shown my kids the Disney one. Sadly, they’ll find out about the Disney game and Swapforce from in-store displays 🙁