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5 Comments Gamer Girl of the Month – Teri Panda | Feb 2013 |

I usually add a little bit of editing when these videos are submitted, however this one is so perfect that I decided to keep it as is.’s Gamer Girl of the Month, Teri Panda is from Los Angeles and is the founder and CEO of Social Graces Media Marketing, Manners & Management. I asked her a couple of unique questions and her answers do not disappoint! A really inspiring, unique, and interesting PlayStation gamer is in our midst!

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Instagram: @teripanda

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Also just in case you missed it, Last months Gamer Girl can be viewed here.


  1. Need for speed is coming out, along with hitman reboot. The tekken movie was eh. I wanna see a full fledge Heavy Rain, God Of War, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance, and a BattleField Movie. Also I wouldn’t mind a animated movie based off of DCUO. But I would want to see these executed with a high end cast, and a writer and director that wouldn’t f it up!

  2. Congrats to Teri for making the list this month. Good vid.

  3. a DCUO movie? ha never gonna happen. DCAU is doing just fine as it is. hit after hit after hit.

  4. Nice video production and nice girl 🙂

  5. @wolfkin I prefer a animated movie, just like the usual ones we get, but if they split it into parts that would be good.

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