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5 Comments Gamer Girl of the Month – Teri Panda | Feb 2013 |

I usually add a little bit of editing when these videos are submitted, however this one is so perfect that I decided to keep it as is.’s Gamer Girl of the Month, Teri Panda is from Los Angeles and is the founder and CEO of Social Graces Media Marketing, Manners & Management. I asked her a couple of unique questions and her answers do not disappoint! A really inspiring, unique, and interesting PlayStation gamer is in our midst!

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Instagram: @teripanda

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Also just in case you missed it, Last months Gamer Girl can be viewed here.

  • Need for speed is coming out, along with hitman reboot. The tekken movie was eh. I wanna see a full fledge Heavy Rain, God Of War, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance, and a BattleField Movie. Also I wouldn’t mind a animated movie based off of DCUO. But I would want to see these executed with a high end cast, and a writer and director that wouldn’t f it up!

  • Congrats to Teri for making the list this month. Good vid.

  • a DCUO movie? ha never gonna happen. DCAU is doing just fine as it is. hit after hit after hit.

  • Nice video production and nice girl 🙂

  • @wolfkin I prefer a animated movie, just like the usual ones we get, but if they split it into parts that would be good.