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PS3BlogCast Episode 78 |

Welcome to the 78th blogcast. This has been a great week for Sony fans seeing as they just had their own personal E3 event revealing the PlayStation 4. It was so huge that this entire podcast is basically all about what was revealed at the event. However at the end Isli and I discuss the ending of Dead Space 3 so watch out for that if you don’t want any spoilers, we give you fair warning don’t worry.

The secret word is basically at the end of the podcast, I forgot to place it before the spoiler talk so if you skip the spoilers just go to about the end for it.

I enjoyed a lot that was shown on Wednesday and we’ve had plenty of articles posted on the site chronicling it. What was your take away? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part? Leave a comment below!

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • Sony Event
  • Dead Space 3
  • Secret Word
  • will listen to this tomorrow at some point

  • Dead Space 3 will have to wait. I still need to finish Dead Space 2!

    The Sony event was interesting. Lots of things announced, but the two things that matter were not announced: Price and Release Date. Don’t know if they will reveal that at E3 or wait until August.

  • I’m sure at least a price point will be announced at E3, along with some actual trailers and gameplay maybe.

    All I have to say is Squeenix better deliver after the crap they pulled at the Sony event >:/

  • when i heard square was there I too was like oh shit something might be announced… what a tease. I thought it was pretty strange that Konami wasn’t there.

  • OMG P(ASS)4

    NO B.C.
    NO PSN Transfer
    No Dualshock 3 (well w/o converter I’m guessing however that would work)
    Stupid Move and Vita bs.

    Again I say P(ASS)4

  • In order to have all of those, they would have had to build the PS3 into the system. I’d be +$200. Controllers and B.C. haven’t always been on consoles ya know :/

  • @Isli: Adding the CELL to the PS4 shouldn’t cost more than $50.

  • No backwards compatibility is fine. I have never wanted to play ps2 games on my ps3, i’d rather play new games. Backwards compatibly never affected xbox.

  • yessir.. I’ve gotten the $10 hadn’t heard about it on twitter (where I thought it was a dude talking about some free bucks he got from PR) so I was completely floored and pleased. Singstar here I come.

  • I think the no BC thing would be alright if the streaming works. And, if they’re smart, they’ll hopefully allow people to apply for some kind of vouchers for their PS3 games on the streaming service. So you don’t have to keep buying them, the stream codes just sit on your account and you can stream them whenever you want to play.

    ….That’s kind of like a perfect scenario though so I doubt it will happen, especially if they’re not going to allow current PSN games to run on it.

    I’m just going to keep my PS3 to play FFXIV on mostly. Hopefully Sony will realize most gamers probably won’t be selling their PS3s to get a PS4 at launch, so a lot of people will just wait.

  • While they haven’t finalized how they’ll work out the Gaikai service as far as payments go, I’m sure it will be a second tier fee to PS+ members. You won’t buy individual games but pay a subscription fee for the streaming service in general.

    I know that’s not how Gaikai worked when it was on its own, but you figure Sony will want to find a way to make up for that almost $400 million purchase. Not to mention that they’ll be using Gaikai for the streaming to all devices for PS4 titles. So if it’s ten bucks more a month for that functionality PLUS the ability to have access to the back catalog then that’d be fine for me. Or maybe if you don’t have a subscription but the games you purchased were free to stream, that’d be interesting. Since they’ve already gotten money from you.

    But who knows. They said they’ll announce more as the year goes on.

  • or levels.. as in PSN+ or $10 gets you the First tier games and $20($10 for Plus) gets your the Second tier games

  • Well, sure, playing PS2 games on PS3 was not much of a draw for many, but my PS3 backlog means that no BC on PS4 will push me to not get one during the first year.

    Also, streaming hurts poorw wolfkin and his internet cap.

  • @EdEN: I swear, one of these days I’m going to invent a drinking game based around you mentioning your backlog. The only problem is that I’m afraid I will die of alcohol poisoning 🙁 (in which case you could have all my nintendo points!)

  • @Isli: Alcohol Poisoning is no joke! My backlog WILL kill you!