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The Last of Us Development Series Episode 1: Hush |

Naughty Dog has released the first video in their The Last Of Us development series. This video gives us a look at the origin and characteristics of the Infected in The Last of Us which will be available June 14, 2013 exclusively on the PS3. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • I cant wait for this game to come out. Naughty Dog is by far one of the top developers right now.

  • Looks great. Should be good.

  • PS4 without compatibility for PS3 games makes me think about buying now or not new games for my old PS3.
    I think that was the big mistake of marketing SCE announce the PS4 anytime soon now, and without backward compatibility

  • Game looks great and June seems so far away!

  • ok that concept art looks pretty boss

  • Now that PS4 is announced, all I can think of his how good this would have looked on a PS4. It already looks ace. But the fact that I can’t move my collection over to the PS4, saddens me. (Including my ~300usd PSN purchases.) Would have been good.

  • game looks really good