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BEYOND: Two Souls: Release Date, New Footage with Willem Dafoe, and Pre-Order Exclusives |

SCEA announced today that Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Spider-Man) will star as Nathan Dawkins, in BEYOND: Two Souls, the upcoming Quantic Dream’s psychological action thriller. Nathan Dawkins is a government scientist who works with Jodie (Ellen Page) to analyse her powers. Hit the jump for a behind the scenes video!

BEYOND: Two Souls will be released on the PS3 on October 8th, 2013.

Additionally, everyone who pre-orders BEYOND at GameStop (or EB games for our Canadian friends) will receive an exclusive 30-minute playable additional scene DLC. We’ll be announcing more details on what that scene entails in the coming months.
And while supplies last, everyone who pre-orders *at GameStop will also receive a free upgrade to the Special Edition of BEYOND, which includes:
-Exclusive Steelbook Premium Packaging
-Extensive Behind The Scenes Video Features
-PS3 Dynamic Theme
-PSN Avatar Bundle

Source: Official PSBlog

  • this game looks really great, but i’m on a spending freeze

  • Damn, so the special edition is only for the US then… cause I just preordered this at EB games, thought I would be getting the special edition.

  • Jay

    I’ve been so busy that I completely forgot about this game…

  • exciting stuff! heavy rain had flaws, no doubt, but in the end, it is an amazingly innovative title that’s helped change the parameters of what video games are or can be. I’m looking forward to supporting quantic in whatever they do next!

  • Looks pretty solid. Great actors.

  • tedrabear

    I remember a time when some of peoples biggest complaints about videogames where the quicktime events, now we have entire generas based on them.