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[GDC] Battlfield 4 Reveal March 26th! |

Looks like EA sent more invitations out, this time we got a date to mark in our calenders. EA/DICE seems to be aiming for a full-on-guns-blazing-announcement of BF4, on March 26th at 7PM(PDT)/10PM(EST). Proof you say?! Well, your wish is the Internets command:

We’ve all known for quite a while that Battlefield 4 was coming, when EA offered Battlefield 4 beta invites with pre-orders of Medal of Honor: Warfighter in 2012. Which honestly, didn’t do too hot. But, it did shave some sales off the Rockefeller of the FPS world, Call Of Duty. I can’t wait to see what DICE has got for us next-gen. Maybe, we’ll finally get some actually Battle-size-shootouts. 32 vs 32, on the PS4, would be pretty damn smooth. Ah yes, one final thing: Kotaku posted some BF4 game-art. Which gives us our first look at what we can expect, in the next installment of the 10 year-old Battlefield series.

Anyways We’ll certainly have more information come GDC, so stay frosty.

  • I recently became hooked to BF3 after putting it down a year ago for lack of time. It is the most complete diversive multiplayer wargame fps. The vehicles, the classes , the weapons.. and the epic moments! It has its bugs but I’m a fan. I can’t wait for BF4!

  • I still think they are releasing this too soon, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Announcement is not a release. It could very well be released next year.

  • Oly

    They should release these once a year lol

  • BF3 was not as good as the AMAZING BFBC2, but it sure as hell is a great game. I was hoping more so for BC3 than BF4, but okay its cool. And I am really looking forward to it. I hope the campaign for a better lack of words is an improvement. And I hope EA/DICE gives those who are owners of Both new MoH, and VIPs of BC2 and Premiums of BF3 a good amount of goodies. It would be nice. I hope its a launch title for PS4 as well. I really can not wait.

  • i like htis more than the CoD games, but goodness, but i don’t understand the big deal on holding an event for just learning about the details of 1 game

  • @Gibb I know, but even a 2014 release feels too early for me, I feel like BF3 still has so much potential, but maybe that’s because I’ve barely bad time to play it.

  • @kennygk I realized this too with all the new content they recently released. Thought about going premium, but the tweets about BF4 being shown to press made me doubt. Now with the reveal next week, if it is going to be PS4 only, I might reconsider 🙂

  • well, at least it is an all out date for an event, and not a countdown to a countdown hahaha.

  • This game, I want.