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New PixelJunk Game! |

This is /not/ a PlayStation exclusive. It’s initially targeting Windows/Mac/Linux (native Linux, nice!!). This game looks pretty creative and interesting! The official site is here.


  1. love love linux steam box here they come

  2. The spirit of Linux is free as in speech liberty. Steam is the complete antithesis of that: it’s a completely proprietary, closed source platform about DRM locking other people’s software.

  3. darrin, ubuntu is supporting steam, great thing about steam accounts is it allows controlled drm. And it’s pushing games to linux more than before. this game looks really good.

  4. the game looks awesome. I just don’t want steam and I hope awesome linux games like this don’t force Steam on their users.

  5. Steam isn’t pushing anyone to Linux. If anything iOS/Android cracking the Microsoft chokehold and making platform neutrality actually important was the major factor.

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