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Final Fantasy X and X-2 Remasters Announced for PS3 and Vita |

The long awaited HD remake is just around the corner. Final Fantasy X and X-2 will be coming out for the PS3 and Vita this year. Square Enix has confirmed that the PS3 version will include both games and will cost $40. The PS Vita versions will be sold individually however prices have not been suggested as of yet.

The best part is that the versions released will be the International versions which were not released in North America. This will add story, sphere grids and super hard bosses known as Dark Aeons to FFX.

SE has stated that they are 70% complete on this project and that they are unsure if the special end mission that was released for FFX-2 will be included as that was a separate project in Japan. Either way, I can see hundreds of hours being put into these games for myself.

  • loved x, couldn’t get more than 15 minutes int x-2 one of the only games from last gen i’ve traded in.

  • Eddie

    X-2 wasn’t all that bad. it was cheesy sure, but it had one of the best fighting engines of any FF before it. I beat it back in the day.