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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Confirmed |

Metal Gear Solid V was announced, or confirmed, this morning at GDC by Hideo Kojima himself. Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain combined make up MGS V. No announcement as to a release date, or to what consoles this will release on, however with the New Fox engine being a next gen engine, we can assume it will be next gen consoles, including the PS4.


  1. If only make all the future MGS games strictly for PS. Oh well its most likely a release PS4 and next xbox.

  2. The more I see these trailers about PS4 games. Hooooliiiiiidaaays
    I’m addicted to playstation, I need to play it soon LOL

  3. I’m a little disappointed that the voice of Big Boss isn’t David Hayter.

    However *SPOILERS* since Big Boss at the end of MGS4 was a different voice actor it’s fine. Especially considering Snake wasn’t a perfect clone of Big Boss, only Solidus was. *END SPOILERS*

    Still….it will be weird.

  4. uhh cant bloody wait

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