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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sacred Citadel Launch Trailer

April 17, 2013 | | 4 Comments

This game looks to be great fun, and I can’t wait to start playing it tonight with some friends!! Join me on the PSN oly1kenobi !

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Double XP Weekend For COD: BO2

April 13, 2013 | | 5 Comments

This weekend is a double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Double XP has already started and will end Monday at 10am Pacific. The Double XP weekend is for Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU and PC.

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COD: BO2 “Mob of the Dead” Trailer

April 11, 2013 | | One Comment

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Mob of the Dead DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Four mobsters find themselves trapped on the notorious Alcatraz Island. They soon find out though that they are not alone in … Read More

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall Gameplay Trailer

April 11, 2013 | | 3 Comments

Here is the new gameplay trailer for Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall, the second add-on pack for this awesome game.

In The Knife of Dunwall you take on the role of Daud, the legendary assassin who killed the Empress, and … Read More

PS3BlogCast Episode 84

April 10, 2013 | | 7 Comments

Hello and welcome to episode 84 of the PS3BlogCast. We’re getting closer and closer to our one hundredth episode! It doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long.

Anyways tune in to catch Isli, MissXya, and I discuss this week in gaming news. There wasn’t much in the way of new releases, except for Guacamelee, and I’m waiting patiently for Dead Island Riptide to be released. What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!


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[PSN Review] Darkstalkers: Resurrection

April 10, 2013 | | 6 Comments

Darkstalkers Resurrection updates to two games for the price of one – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. These feature classic gameplay and unique characters as well as a host of new features, including a variety of HD visual modes, online play with 8-player lobbies, YouTube replay sharing, improved challenge modes, dynamic awards, and unlockable extras. Embrace the dark!

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COD: Black Ops 2 The Replacers Trailer is Great!

April 8, 2013 | | One Comment

This new trailer for COD:BO2 Uprising DLC featuring our old friend the Peter Stormare as the “Replacer” and his new helper J.B Smoove, is really funny. The Uprising DLC also looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands … Read More

[Girlfriend Review] BioShock: Infinite + BioShock

April 7, 2013 | | 8 Comments

*Editors note: All spoiler text will be hidden. To reveal simply highlight the text in between the [spoiler] tags. Side note – In the spoiler tags for Infinite there are references to Spec Ops: The Line that are spoiler-ish as well*


The animation of BioShock was beautiful. Compared to some of the other games I’ve seen, it is almost movie quality. If it was, in fact, a movie instead of a video game, it would be Pixar’s first R rated film.

In the first BioShock, I felt the claustrophobic nature of Rapture. Yeah, it’s a big city, but it’s still underwater. One of the windows breaks and it’s “sayonara in two micro-seconds“.

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