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[PS3 Review] Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

After a decent trilogy on the PS2, Sly has been lost in time on the PS3 aside from cameos in PS Move Heroes, PS All Stars and the recent HD trilogy. I’ve always been confused as to who exactly the Sly series is aimed at with its simple gameplay involving cel-shaded anthropomorphic characters performing illegal robberies with 80s pop culture references. It sends a bit of a mixed message. I’m not even going to start on the overly sexualised Carmelita Fox or Rhino cleavage posters. Following a lengthy opening and obscenely long load times the younger target audience may have lost interest (or grown too old to care) when Thieves in Time finally gives you control. But is Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time worth the wait?

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Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced it will release METAL GEAR SOLID: THE LEGACY COLLECTION in North America and South America in June 2013.

“Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the METAL GEAR SOLID franchise, this PlayStation®3 exclusive package will include METAL GEAR SOLID, METAL GEAR SOLID 2: HD Edition, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: HD Edition (which includes the original MSX versions of METAL GEAR and METAL GEAR 2), METAL GEAR SOLID: Peace Walker HD Edition, METAL GEAR SOLID: VR MISSIONS and METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Trophy Edition. In addition, the collection will also include two Ashley Wood digital graphic novels.”
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Ps3BlogCast Episode 85

We’re back with another week of the podcast. It’s been so quiet on the news front for a while now. We comment on a few things, but nothing too in depth. However I do talk a lot about StarCraft 2, so you’ll have to forgive me on that.

MissXya is out this week, but you’ll still have fun without her…I think.

Dead Island: Riptide is right around the corner and I can’t wait. In the mean time I’m been having a lot of fun with HotS. What about you? Any StarCraft players out there? Let me know in the comments below!


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[PSN Review] Terraria

Terraria is a side-scrolling, action-adventure sandbox game with an emphasis on crafting and exploration set in vast and vibrant worlds. Terraria has received universal, critical acclaim and 1.6 million “Terrarians” have struck out on their own adventures since release.

With a vast array of materials and items to collect, Terraria is far more than a mere block building game, players’ experience is limited only by their own imaginations, the world is theirs to shape and explore.

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