Magrunner: Dark Pulse Coming to the PSN

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a new physics puzzle game coming to the PSN. I personally love these type of games, and this one looks like it won’t disappoint.

In the near future, in 2050, a handful of young and brilliant citizens have been chosen by Gruckezber Corporation to join the Magtech training program for space exploration. Equipped with a special glove using Gruckezberg’s technology, the candidates have to solve their way through a maze of challenge rooms that get more and more challenging, by magnetically charging objects in the level that will attract or repel each other. But when an earthquake disrupts the training program, what seemed to be the chance of a lifetime for the candidates will soon become a descent into folly and cosmic horror! In this video, plunge with Dax, the hero of the game, into a future where Technology confronts the Cthulhu Mythos!

Source: Press Release

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

  1. #1 by hobbes on May 4th, 2013 [ 30486 Points ]

    cool artwork IMO. portal-ish

  2. #2 by The_Nmac on May 4th, 2013 [ 61203 Points ]

    Ya i was about to say it has a very Portal vibe. Looks interesting.

  3. #3 by EdEN on May 5th, 2013 [ 210796 Points ]

    That video sold me on the game. Looking forward to the release!

  4. #4 by Ajescent on May 11th, 2013 [ 5890 Points ]

    Nice, that’s friggin awesome.

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