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Watch the Access presents: The Last of Us Livestream 11:30 PST Today Here! |

They will “have exclusive interviews with Naughty Dog, a live gameplay demo from the team and you’ll be able to take part in our live Q&A with not only the Naughty Dog team, but also Hollywood actress Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie.
For those of you who want to submit questions to the Naughty Dog team, you can do so by tweeting @PSAccess with the hashtag #TheLastofUsLive. Anyone who has their question selected will also win a fantastic goodie bag!”

  • Oly

    AWESOME! Can’t wait to get this

  • I have a question:

    Where is Demo of the last of us???

    I have the GOW ascension, and it has a DEMO of The Last of Us, but when I go … comes a run countdown for 30 days, always is in 30 days, even spending one month.
    Anyone know if it will be unlocked, and only when we have the PSN to play as other demos

  • The demo should be up soon since the game is close to launch.

  • Oly

    The demo was suppose to be active May 1st I thought.. FAIL!

  • I hope this is good. It’s lack of hands on with people worries me. It’s naughty dog though so it can’t be bad right?

  • @Oly: That was before the game was delayed.

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