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World’s Most Expensive Special Edition: GRiD2: Mono Edition |

I wasn’t sure whether it was as a joke or not at first, but it looks like one person with enough cash to spare could be getting what will be the most expensive special edition of a game ever (and probably will not be topped any time soon). Codemasters revealed today that they will be releasing one version of their GRiD 2: Mono Edition. What is included with this special edition?

  • PlayStation 3 Console
  • Specially packaged PlayStation 3 version of GRiD 2
  • Branded racing suit and gear
  • A factory tour of the BAC plant, where they make:
  • A 170mph BAC Mono supercar (in GRiD 2 livery)

How much will this special edition set you back? $190,000 (£125,000). Like I said, it will only be available to one customer, and will also go into the record books as the most expensive, commercially available game as a special edition. So, anyone going to gather up the cash to get it?


  1. SOLD! if I win the powerball!

  2. i want the car!!!!

  3. At these times I wanted to be a millionaire, or one of those big executives millionaires or super athletes, who receive between 500,000 and 4 million per month.

    I think it would sell easier if they had put a girl in bikini together of the car

  4. I think I will skip the special edition this time.

  5. just no.. not worth it. This can’t even be worth the publicity they’re getting by all the press articles about how ridiculous this is.

  6. would be sweet, but doubt i’d even get this if i’d win the lottery.

  7. That’s….. original lol

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