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PS3BlogCast Episode 94

Welcome back! As you know we didn’t have a show last week, due to some vacation plans that got in the way. I had a great time though with Man of Steel and playing The Last of Us. Which is a great game by the way.

MissXya is out this week as her work decided to call her in last minute, so it’s just Isli and me. We don’t talk too much about any sort of news as there wasn’t much to dwell on.

At the end of the podcast we discuss a lot of things in The Last of Us that we liked, as well as any sort of oddities we ran into. We do give you a heads up before we start talking about it, to avoid any sort of spoilers. We also give out the secret word, as well as the winner for this months give away before we get into it.



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Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Key Art Revealed

Today, Square-Enix released two brand new pieces of key art for their upcoming games. The first one is for Kingdom Hearts III.

The second art reveals the characters for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game. It was also accompanied by character descriptions.
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[PS3 Review] Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara combines two timeless D&D arcade classics -Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara- into one definitive package. Battle through a rich fantasy universe with a host of new features, including HD visuals, drop-in/drop-out 4 player online co-op, customizable House Rules, leaderboards, and a trove of extras.

• Seamless drop-in/drop-out online gameplay powered by community tried & trusted GGPO technology
• Create your own game set up with House Rules such as:
o Unbreakable – No need to worry about equipable items as they now have infinite durability.
o Enemy Rush –Start with only 30 seconds on the clock and keep it going by defeating enemies
o Make it Rain –Enemies and chests drop extra gold
• A series of diverse and dynamic in–game challenges which deliver level ups & Vault Points
• Use Vault Points to purchase a treasure trove of unlockables and gameplay loot
• The Character Visualizer tracks which characters players and their friends use the most
• Leaderboards and gameplay related stats

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PS3BlogCast Episode 93

It’s finally here. E3 has arrived and there is a lot of news pouring out of the event. Most importantly is the Sony news from their conference on Monday, where they stole the show. Every year there is always the question of ‘Who won E3?’ and it’s pretty clear who the victor was this time around.

Tune in to catch Isli, MissXya, and myself talk about everything E3 in this weeks podcast. I’m liking a lot of the games that are being shown, definitely looking forward to this next generation. How did you enjoy the news? What games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


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