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Tales of Festival: Tales of Symphonia HD collection confirmed! |

Tales of Symphonia

Hideo Baba, the producer of the awesome Tales of series, just confirmed that the Gamecube game Tales of Symphonia and the Wii game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a new world will both be remastered in HD and released in a single collection package for the PS3!

The Japanese version will be released later this year, and an International version will follow in early 2014.
Check out the trailers after the jump!

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (working title) – Announcement

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (working title) – Japanese Trailer

Are you interested in this title? I’ve played Tales of Symphonia a few years ago (and I liked it!), but missed Dawn of a new world. I’m definitively interested in this collection!

Source: Tales Series Facebook Page

  • Not a huge fan of the tales series. I played tales of symphonia for the GameCube and wasn’t in love with it. Still prefer turn based mechanics.

  • You guys are in for a treat! The GC and Wii games are very fun and feature a LOT of content. Hope they don’t go crazy with the trophy requirements hahha.

  • I don’t own a GC or Wii so this will be the first time I’ll play them when and if they release it in NA also still hoping Tales of Hearts R gets released in the future outside of Japan.

  • @eden: You played both ? How is the Dawn of a new World ?

    @chronorayven: That would make me happy too lol ! Hopefully, we’re getting Tales of Xillia in two months, so that will keep us busy until a Tales of Hearts R localisation is announced 😉

  • @Ceidz I can’t wait for Tales of Xillia too! It looks like the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be released sometime in 2014. As Namco Bandai has previously said they won’t at this time release Tales of Hearts R since not enough people own a Vita but that may change by E3 when Sony announces more about their plans for Vita/PS4.

  • i’m a big tales fan, like chrono im waiting for xillia too . I beat symphonia but never played the wii one, so id buy this just to play that

  • Awesome . Awesome!

    Now I just have to sell my Gamecube copy I haven’t played GC in ages.

    And I’ve love them to put out a Skies of Arcadia HD pack as well 😛

  • I loved Skies of Arcadia. Maybe Sega could put a sequel out one day.

  • @Ceidz: Yep, I own both games. I did like Dawn of the New World over the GC release, but both are fun.