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PS3BlogCast Episode 92 |

Welcome! We are just a few days away from E3, and we have already had a few PS4 games announced this week. I’m definitely looking forward to what’s going to happen next week, especially since Sony said they’ll be announcing 40 games across their three main platforms.

No MissXya this week, unfortunately, though she should make a return next episode. You’ll just have to deal with Isli and me this episode, so sorry. There is a small amount of news, not to mention reviews for The Last of Us have been going up today as well. Don’t forget about the multiplayer information that has been going out. I’m looking forward to next week Friday for sure.

Anyways, tune in and enjoy!


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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Dark Souls II release window
  • Battlefield Bad Company not in active development
  • Warframe coming to PS4
  • DCUO and Planetside 2 coming to PS4
  • Square Enix to have a ‘Future of Final Fantasy’ event at E3
  • Deus Ex: The Fall
  • The Last of Us
  • Secret Word
  • Sorry Jcm for repeatedly hitting the wrong buttons on skype 🙁

  • Give my Controller Contest thing a Shout-out Next Wed Cast! NEED THAT CONTROLLER

  • The Last of Us is getting some very nice reviews all over the place.

    It will be interesting to see what SE has to say at their Final Fantasy event. Maybe its a FF XIII Ultimate Box for PS4.

  • @Eden: That would be pretty nice. In a perfect world, they would announce Vs XIII as either XV for PS4, or just give it an actual release date (plus maybe a surprise on XIV)

  • @isli: YEP ! That would be a surprise !

  • Oly

    @darklurkr23 which controller is yours??

    @Clint I might try to be on with you next week live from E3, but… I’ll most likely be at a party instead haha

  • @Oly: Get us some soundbites. Also get us Nolan North…and swag.

  • #18 Oly DA MONEY ONE>

    I’m loosing bad righ tnow, theres 7 others w/ 4 votes, and 7 above me w/ 5 or more. I need to get to the top 8 first then I can worry about poll voting (

    Make a Page 1 Post abut Helping Dark XD I

    O hell make a contest to win points if Dark wins! I have tons of those I’d throw out some prizes XD

  • ps4 ps4 ps4 ps4

  • More games added to PS Plus in June: Uncharted Single Player, X-Com and Little Big Planet Karting. At this rate, I won’t buy any PS3 games in 2013 hahaha.

  • One question

    Tomorrow starts E3, guys u will stream live only Sony press or EA and Ubisoft too?

  • @jmarston – You can find the live stream schedule here:

    You can watch the stream on your PS3 as well. Though the coverage is just the Sony press conference and then developer interviews over the next three days. If you want a full stream of any other publishers conference you should be able to find it on IGN, GameSpot, and other news sights who will be streaming everything.


    I’m in top 3 now fellas! I need your votes! #5