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[E3 2013] Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay |

Call Of Duty Ghosts, is shaping to be quite a unique gaming experience. This is what was shown at the pre-E3 conference. This video shows part of the mission “No Mans Land” and, the series new addition ‘Riley the dog’, in action. A huge thanks to GamersPrey for the video.

  • brainwork

    i really dont like this new generation of ‘gamers’ who play competitive CoD or BF … what happened to the good old days when team 3D & SK.swe were the gods of every little kid who played a video game… i am not trying to defend the PC gamers or to attack the console gamers or to start another flame war between PC & Consoles… but GAMING is about team play… unfortunately while you’re on your couch you dont have the same ‘want to win attitude’… well unless you’re playing some solo multi like FIFA 14 but when it comes to team games like CoD i think that they’re way better played on a PC … just my 2 cents…

    if you want to you can visit my website and swear at me 😀

  • With the ability to cover and lean or peek from corners maybe this will slow down the brainless gameplay of cod. I recently put cod4 on my pc and enjoy the hell out of the simplicity so hopefully they wont over complicate things with too many perks and kill streaks. It would take alot for me to buy another cod title and from what I have scene so far Im not super enthusiastic.

  • COD with more Dogs! Impressions from E3 were not great.