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PS3BlogCast Episode 93 |

It’s finally here. E3 has arrived and there is a lot of news pouring out of the event. Most importantly is the Sony news from their conference on Monday, where they stole the show. Every year there is always the question of ‘Who won E3?’ and it’s pretty clear who the victor was this time around.

Tune in to catch Isli, MissXya, and myself talk about everything E3 in this weeks podcast. I’m liking a lot of the games that are being shown, definitely looking forward to this next generation. How did you enjoy the news? What games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


Enter the secret word(s) mentioned in the PS3BlogCast to earn 150 points. The first 5 people to enter it correctly get double points!

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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • E3
  • Secret Word

    Controller Link. Wow only 40 minutes to go, 150 away from first 🙁

    Well try any guys

  • Er….. 1 DAY 40 minutes to go!

    Thanks for the shout out, but what a long ways to go 🙁

    That weed troll voters go an anti-weed hype train going……….my controller must’ve missed the stop.

    Still anything would be apperiacted PS3blog nation.

    Maybe the other 2 got duplicate ip voters and they’ll be disqualified! XD

  • Jcm you spelt the secret word wrong XD It has an I not an E XD

  • That was the problem. Thought i couldn’t spell.

  • BAHAHA, just made fun of you for not being able to spell and you spelled the secret word wrong :p

  • I’ll blame Isli and Xya for that. I’ve never heard of the game, I spelt it correctly on the podcast, until Isli gets on my case. Using the actually word and not the game title was the issue.

    It’s fixed.

  • 🙁

  • No wonder I couldn’t get it right hahaha.

  • @eden – that’s what happens when games name themselves after real words but spell them differently. At least there wasn’t a number as a letter or something.

  • Wait what! That wasn’t my fault! I just listened to the podcast 🙁 I only yelled at you for saying Jaks instead of Jak. Booooo

  • No, you gave me junk about the hyphen XD after Xya said it’s one word. I just assumed that’s how a video game would spell it, even on their site it’s separated by a logo, which might as well be a hyphen. Hell, they put an ‘I’ in there. Like you said, why not a 3!

  • Hahaha. The “3 in place of an E” thing is weird as well.

  • oly1kenobi

    E3 was insane!! I’m still recovering

  • I bought the ffxiv CE ps3 version, also i enjoyed ff13, and yea this was one of the best e3’s that i have watched

  • @mowmo: FF XIV CE on PS3? Nice!