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Tales of Xillia sequel will be localized to NA/EU in 2014 |

A few days ago, Hideo Baba, the producer for the “Tales of” series announced on the official PlayStation.Blog that the follow-up to the Japanese-RPG Tales of Xillia (which will be released August 6th in NA, and August 9th in EU), Tales of Xillia 2 would be localized and released in 2014.

Tales of Xillia 2 has been out since October 2012 in Japan, and even though we knew that Tales of Xillia would be localized, there had been no word on the sequel.

This news comes only a month after the confirmation that Tales of Symphonia HD Collection (including Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a new world) would also be released exclusively to PS3 in 2014.

I really can’t wait for the release of Tales of Xillia (be sure to read my full review!), and I’m now even more trilled to see that we’ll also get the sequel next year!


  1. It looks good. I’m not huge on the tales series. Maybe this will change my mind.

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