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Sony Shutting Down MAG and SOCOM 4 Servers |

It looks like Sony will be shutting down the servers for MAG and SOCOM according to the following post on the PlayStation Twitter account.

Advisory: Online multiplayer services for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will be ending on 01/28/14

Not surprising as these games have been around for quite a while. I feel bad for SOCOM 4 which launched the day before the Great PSN outage of 2011. It was never able to get back the traction that other SOCOM titles had during the PS2 era.

Zipper Interactive, the creator behind both games, was shut down by Sony in March of 2011.

People still playing will have until January 28 2014, and I am sure that this will attract some people back to the game prior to the servers shutting down.

  • and here i thought the mag servers had already went down

  • so sad. MAG was a great game. I obsessed over that for over a year. But I could count the number of times I’ve played it in the past year on one hand.

  • been getting into battlefield 3 (free on psn+!) as my new mp shooter of choice. MAG is worlds better, though, for the team dynamics. bf3 is much more of a run and gun affair. but I love the map destruction as a game progresses. one starts in, say, pristine paris streets and by the end one is in, well, a warzone!