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Bid For Greatness |

So remember Sony Trademarking “Bid For Greatness”? Turns out it’s for an auction for the costumes from the “Greatness Awaits” commercial from E3. You can bet your gold trophies (which you don’t lose from your actual profile) to get costumes or props from the commercial. Overall, it’s pretty cool!

The crazy part is… the first item sold for 1050 gold trophies! I only have 56 total in my profile hahaha.

There’s also a little making of video from the commercial on the website as well.

Click Here to take you to

Also this is for US PlayStation users only. Nothing for Canadians like me.

  • Eddie

    Right now its being won by custom firmware hackers. The guy who won the killzone skin hacked all of his trophies. Like it said he got a platinum on Just Cause 2 in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Killzone 2 he got a platinum in just over 2 hours. So right now this whole thing is garbage. Sony is aware of the problem so hopefully they fix it.

  • That sucks. Didn’t realize they were having those problems. Makes sense though.

  • Apparently Sony is now verifying the winners before showing their names. Make sure their legit first.