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Heavenly Sword The Movie Trailer |

That’s right, Blockade entertainment is bringing Ninja Theory’s PS3 launch title to the big screen in Spring 2014. The movie will be a full feature-length film, and some of the voice actors from the game will reprise their roles, including Anna Torv as Nariko (I had no idea Anna Torv did Nariko’s voice, I loved her in Fringe), and newcomer Alfred Molina as the King Bohan. Hopefully the film does the game justice. I had fun playing it, although I’m kinda embarrassed that I was just able to beat the final boss two weeks ago, 6 years after its launch.

  • Oly

    Loved this game.. The CGI looks more like a game then a great movie.. I wish they had just done a sequel instead.

  • @Oly I agree, I wasn’t expecting Pixar-level animation, but I was not expecting this either. I’m still hoping for a PS4 sequel, loved the combat in this game.

  • Let’s not be hasty…it might be awesome…or crap!

  • @Ajescent video game movies don’t have a good track record, but that’s based on live movies, hopefully they can do better with a CG movie!