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One year later, do you like the PS3 Store redesign? |

The newly designed PS3 PlayStation Store was launched on November 3rd, 2012, a full year ago. Through the course of the months, a few updates have been rolled in: some for its stability, and a few others for new features.

Even with the multiple updates that have been made to the PlayStation 3 Store since it’s 2012 redesign, I can’t help but wonder if that move as a whole was a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the new interface: it sure is graphically more evolved than the previous one, and the games sales are clearly displayed on the main dashboard.

However, I think that the new interface is way less responsive than the previous one (it DOES take about 30 seconds to load), and the ordering process is such a nuisance (in comparison to what was available in the previous iteration) that I actually once refrained a purchase I was about to make just because the store was too slow. And let’s keep in mind that The Last of Us runs smoothly on the same hardware!

As time went by, I spent less and less time on the new Store by going straight to the “What’s new this week” and “PlayStation Plus” sections. And now? I haven’t entered the store in a few weeks, even if I was genuinely interested in some recent sales.

Am I the only one missing the old PlayStation 3 Store interface ? Do you think that the store interface for the PlayStation 4 will be better? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

  • When it works as it’s meant to yes. When it slows and stutters, no.

  • I don’t use it much anymore. I queue up everything from the webstore and go there if i need to download once i’ve queued to save the navigating. I am curious about the PS4 store and what that will look like.

  • ye i miss the old design quick and simple

  • Searching for something is an enormous pain in the arse still, and mine is slow as crap but I have to attribute some of that to my bad wireless internet =T


    It’s slow, hard to navigate, takes space, is too dark, freezes every damn time i load it up and Stinks!

    I only use the sony site to search for buyables stuff and redeem, or the “account management” redeem code thing.

    I hate this new store so much. Soooooo very much. Tottaly downgrade p.o.s.

  • I’m still frustrated at the wasted space. I do like the advertising nature of the front page. that’s gorgeous but when you want to dig in and find something. it still wastes 2 rows of item space for the heading.

    Overall I’m equally satisfied only because somethings are better and somethings are worse.

    I do like the backend stuff. Like being able to purchase via web browser and now PayPal. I like pushing to my console. But those aren’t really part of the store’s UI design.

  • Wow, I’m surprised to know that almost everyone preferred the old store over the new one.
    I’m now wondering even more now what the PS4 Store will look like… !

  • Yea I liked the old store, new one is way too slow, it’s nice when you want to download that new demo that everyone is playing, but when you want to search up add-on content for a 5 year-old game, get waste time digging through the store.

  • I never use the PS3 store anymore. I just get the games on the web browser version and have them download to PS3. At least the one for Vita is fast.

  • I didn’t know you could buy things on the web store and have them sent to your PS3 to download…. I feel so dumb now curing my way through the store the other day looking for something XD
    ah hell ._.;

  • I do the same thing Eden does. I will never look back. Soon we will have the phone app too. Hope it works for PS3 and Vita along with the PS4.

  • best thing they did was make it available via online PC, i never use it on the ps3 anymore, it’s too slow.

  • Is the store design the exact same for PS4?

  • @kennygk: I don’t know for sure, but a friend who purchased a launch model told me it’s very similar, but seems to be reactive. Like if the definite version had always been on the PS4, but was stripped down for the PS3.