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Square-Enix 16-bits video recap of the first two Final Fantasy XIII |

A little earlier today, Square-Enix issued a brilliant Youtube video (using a game engine similar to the one for Final Fantasy VI) that recaps in 8 minutes the story of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, just in time for Lightning Returns, a game that will be out in less than two weeks.

Check the video right here!

Take note that the following video is spoiler-heavy on Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.

  • Now I NEED a Demake of FF XIII and XIII-2 hahaha.

  • @EdEN: While watching the video, I was thinking the SAME THING ! ahahah!

  • I want these games. I would but day 1. Although doesn’t this highlight the story problems that 13 had had. I loved 13-2, but hated 13. I’m hopeful for Lightning Returns but there is about to be another nonsensical story turn again. These will not package well into an eventual Super high definition PS4 version.

  • Haha wouldn’t it be great if that’s how they did it. We really need a classic 16 bit FF. DL only of course, but it’d be anice change of pace of the crap they’ve had