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PS3BlogCast Episode 118 |

It’s been a long time but we’re back with another episode of the PS3BlogCast! I’ve had a busy last two months with my manager out on medical leave, and I just wasn’t able to get any extra time to sit down and record an episode. But she’s back now and things should be returning to normal…well almost, seeing as we might change our recording date from Wednesday to Saturday.

A lot has happened between our last episode and now, and we only cover a fraction of it since the news just seems to all blend together. We discuss some of our thoughts on Dark Souls 2, and I make a few comments about Second Son.

It’s good to be back finally and there are a lot of games to talk about over the next few episodes, but we’ll get through it. What have you been playing recently? Let us know in the comments below!


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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Dark Souls 2
  • Secret Word
  • I enjoyed the podcast and I hope you pick Dark Souls 2 for the game giveaway, since it would be a great addition to my game library!

  • agentg

    Not really about Dark Souls, but have you guys fought against the Dark Demon in Demon’s Crest? That’s one hard boss.

  • Demon’s Crest on Super NES? Never owned an SNES, but I wouldn’t doubt it was difficult being an old game lol some tough games from back in the day.

  • agentg

    Yeah… That one was a generally easy game, but if you beat the storyline 100% another area is opened (or another room in an old area, can’t remember well), and you fight this incredibly persistent boss that shoots targeting projectiles and has the ceiling fall on you. Some attacks even destroy tiles of the ground one by one, and most of the fight ends up happening after the floor has been destroyed already because of how long it takes.
    Never beat him, though.

  • Been a while!

  • I hope to finish Demon Souls soon followed by Dark Souls and will eventually get DS2 after that.